The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Paper Index for the Letter D

Paper Title Session ID
The Danger Assessment Instrument: Modifications Based on Findings From the Intimate Partner Femicide Study Session 86: CP3
Data Collection as an Answer to Racial Profiling: A Process Analysis of Traffic Stop Data Collection in Rhode Island Session 243: PL11
Dating Violence Victimization: A Test of Social Learning Theory Session 102: SO2
Dealing With the Multiple Testing Problem in Race and Sentencing Research: The Value of the Bootstrap Correction Method Session 151: SE3
A Decade of Data: What Have We Learned About the Sentencing of Organizations in Federal Court? Session 276: WC6
Decision-Making for Juvenile Offenders: The Tenacity of Parens Patriae Session 43: JJ3
Declining Cases of Sexual Abuse: Information From State Child Protection Agencies Session 220: MJ1
Declining Deviance, Expanding Law Session 218: LS1
Defining and Clarifying the Organizational Typologies of Partnerships Session 106: PO4
Defining Community Prosecution: Ingredients and Outcomes Session 378: CT6
Delinquency During the Adolescent Life-Course: An Integrated, Developmental Theory Session 410: IT3
Delinquent Girls: Develpmental Considerations and Public Policy Implications Session 332: GE14
Denial of Parole: An Inmate Perspective Session 404: CI10
Designing an Impact Evaluation for Demonstration Programs on Community Initiatives Session 142: ER6
Designing Research Studies for Persons with Co-Occurring Disorders and Criminal Justice Involvement: Recruitment, Interviewing, and Tracking Strategies Session 368: RP16
Desistance From Serious and Violent Offending Session 335: JU11
Determining the Mission of the Police Session 180: PO6
Developing Logic Models for Police-Community and Multi-Agency Partnerships Session 106: PO4
Developing Strategic Goals: A Case Study of Reentry in Maryland Session 254: CB8
The Development of Research Problems in the Study of Anti-Social and Criminal Behavior Session 283: IT2
Developmental Factors and Criminal History: A Comparison Between Rapists and Sexual Murderers Session 370: SV7
Developmental Factors in Two Types of Marital Rapists Session 370: SV7
Developmental Factors Related to Coercive and Non-Coercive Sexual Behaviors in Child Molesters Session 370: SV7
Developmental Trajectories in Delinquent Peer Associations Session 323: SO6
Devolution of the Nigerian Police Session 13: GL1
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy in Correctional Settings: The Gendering of Cognitive Behavioralism Session 260: GE12
The Dichotomy of Domestic Violence: Evaluating the Efficacy of Protection Orders for Women Experiencing Common Couple Violence Verus Patriarchal Terrorism Session 80: VW2
Did "Breaking the Cycle" (BTC) Clients Receive Appropriate Treatment Services? Session 189: ER7
Dies Social Capital Matter? Exploring the Relationship Between Social Capital and Teen Substance Use Session 188: DP3
Differential Association and Delinquency: An Examination of Multiple Ethnic Groups Session 299: SO5
Differential Reinforcement, Drinking, and 'Readiness to Change': An Application of Social Learning Theory Session 29: AL2
Diffusion Between the Military and Crime Control Industries: The Emergence of a Social Control Industrial Complex? Session 271: RP12
The Diffusion of Community Policing: A Further Exploration Session 83: PO3
Digital Photographic Evidence and the Adjudication of Domestic Violence Cases Session 292: ME1
Dimensions of Low Self-Control Differ in Prediction of Property and Violent Crime Session 57: CS2
Disaggregating Differences in the Intimate Partner Homicide Decline Session 166: HO4
Discovering Terror: Coverage in the Mass Print Media, 1970-2000 Session 322: SL4
Discovering the Influences of Aid to Families With Dependent Children on Part Two Property Arrests: An Empirical Comparison on Part One and Part Two Property Offenses in Relation to the Welfare-Crime Relationship Session 246: RP10
A Disparate Impact Standard for Police Stops and Searches Session 186: CL5
Distinctions With a Difference: Developing Gender-Appropriate Policy for Women in the Justice System Session 39: GE2
District Matters: An Analysis of Inter-District Variation in Federal Sentencing Session 321: SE7
Divorce Mediation and Domestic Violence: Court Mandated Dispute Resolution Processes in Cases Involving Spousal Abuse Allegations Session 159: CT1
Do Differences in Heart Rate Distinguish Early- From Later-Onset Offenders? Session 360: JU12
Do Parents Matter? Testing Harris's Group Socialization Theory of Youthful Misconduct Session 266: LC5
Do the Glueck and Glueck Data Better Support the Self-Control Versus the Social-Control Perspective? Session 57: CS2
Does Community Policing Build Community?: Resident Perceptions of the Coproduction Process Session 326: PO10
Does Culture Matter in Children's Aggression Behavior" A Case Study Among Chinese and Taiwanese Children Session 216: LA34
Does Living in a Violent Neighborhood Increase Offenders' Use of Violence? Session 253: CO10
Does Offender's Ethnicity on Crime Scenarios Affect Public Perceptions of Crime Seriousness? A Survey Experiment Session 103: SV1
Does Parole Influence the Recidivism Rate of Juvenile Offenders? Session 43: JJ3
Does Pennsylvania's Motivational Boot Camp Program Reducing Recidivism? Session 411: IS4
Does Size Really Matter? A Rexamination of Sheldon's Somatypes and Criminal Behavior Session 93: LA20
Doing Time in the shadow of Death: Women Prisoners and HIV/AIDS Session 184: CI5
Domestic Violence Against Women in England and Wales: Analysis of Prior Victimization and Current Risk Session 227: VW10
Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Victims: Helpseeking, Advocacy, and System Experiences Session 79: VW1
Domestic Violence Court in Minneapolis: A Quasi-Experiment Session 159: CT1
Domestic Violence courts: An Evaluation of a Localized Court Session 325: VW12
Domestic Violence in Immigrant and Refugee Communities: The Role of the Criminal Justice System Session 79: VW1
Domestic Violence in Rural Areas: An Exploration of Mandatory vs. Preferred Arrest Policies Session 132: VW3
Domestic Violence in Two Inner City Communities in New York City Session 47: LA9
Domestic Violence Paradox: Arrest of "Battered" Women Session 46: LA8
Domestic Violence Survivors and Satisfaction With the Criminal Justice System Response to Their Cases: What They want, What They Expect, and What They Actually Get Session 275: VW11
Drinking and Drift: an Empirical Application of Soft Determinism Session 10: EC1
Driving While Black: Policing Changes in Response to Media Attention? Session 149: PL9
Drug Court Clients' Satisfaction With Treatment and the Court Experience Session 357: CT5
Drug Court Survival and Failure: Examining Correlates of Success Session 94: LA21
Drug Courts as a Mechanism of Reintegrative Shaming: A Case Study in the Midwest Session 357: CT5
Drug Market Precipitators: Situational Dynamics of Open-Air Drug Markets in Public Housing Session 72: LA15
Drug Markets and Drug Enforcement: Some Applications of ADAM Data to Planning and Evaluating Drug Enforcement Initiatives Session 394: PL17
Drug Testing Police Officers and Police Recruits: The Outcome of Urinalysis and Hair Analysis Compared Session 98: PL6
Drug Use Among Among Female ande Juvenile Arrestees Session 400: AL11
Drug Using, Dependency, and Treatment Among Adult Male Arrestees Session 400: AL11
The Drug-Crime Link in a Self-Control Perspective: An Empirical Test Among Swiss Juveniles Session 57: CS2
Drug-Crime Link in a Self-Control Perspective: An Empirical Test Among Swiss Juveniles Session 85: CS3
Drugs and Crime in Africa Session 13: GL1
Drugs and Crime: A National Research Agenda Session 236: LA36
Drugs, Crime and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Among Juvenile Offenders Session 146: JU6
Dwindling Parental Rights: A National Statutory Profile on Eroding Rights of Female Offenders Session 260: GE12
Dynamics of Law Enforcement Perceptions of Gangs Over Time Session 249: SU2

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