The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18
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Sentencing Track

Session Title Session IDTime
Federal Sentencing Guidelines: The Effects of Race and Gender on Sentences Imposed on Drug Offenders Session 29: SE1 Wednesday at 8:00AM
Federal Sentencing Guidelines: The Roles Played by the Prosecutor and the Probation Officer Session 30: SE2 Wednesday at 8:00AM
Legal and Extra-legal Predictors of Federal Sentencing Decisions Session 65: SE3 Wednesday at 9:40AM
Race, Ethnicity and Sentence Severity Session 103: SE4 Wednesday at 1:00PM
Inter-Jurisdictional Variations in Sentencing Practices and Outcomes Session 138: SE5 Wednesday at 2:40PM
Table 2: Issues in Sentencing Session 139: SE6 Wednesday at 2:40PM
Assessing the Impact of "Get Tough" Sentencing Reform Session 169: SE7 Wednesday at 4:20PM
The Justification of Punishment: Theoretical and Empirical Approaches Session 208: SE8 Thursday at 8:00AM
The Effect of Gender on Sentence Severity Session 244: SE9 Thursday at 9:40AM
Predicting Sentence Outcomes and Evaluating Sentence Effects Session 280: SE10 Thursday at 1:00PM
Sentencing: A Focus on Homicide Cases and the Death Penalty Session 348: SE11 Thursday at 4:20PM
The Future of Capital Punishment in the United States Session 349: SE12 Thursday at 4:20PM
Sentencing and the Courts Session 350: SE13 Thursday at 4:20PM

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