The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18
Scheduled Events

Event Title Event IDTime
Division on International Criminology Social EV1 Tuesday at 7:00PM
ASC Executive Board Dinner EV2 Tuesday at 7:00PM
Criminology and Criminal Justice on the Net (Sponsored by Allyn and Bacon) EV3 Wednesday at 2:40PM
Refreshment Break (Sponsored by American Correctional Association) EV4 Wednesday at 3:00PM
Opening Reception EV5 Wednesday at 7:30PM
Division on People of Color and Crime and Division on Wome and Crime Social Hour EV6 Wednesday at 7:30PM
Student Reception and Dance (Co-sponsored by Criminal Justice Press, Roxbury Publishing Co. and Waveland Press) EV7 Wednesday at 9:00PM
Journal of Quantitative Criminology Breakfast Meeting EV8 Thursday at 7:30AM
New Member Breakfast (Sponsored by Sage Publications, Inc.) EV9 Thursday at 7:30AM
University at Albany Breakfast Meeting EV10 Thursday at 7:30AM
Coffee Break (Sponsored by Anderson Publishing co.) EV11 Thursday at 8:30AM
Refreshment Break (Sponsored by McGraw-Hill) EV12 Thursday at 9:00AM
Coffee Break (Sponsored by the Justice Research and Statistics Assocation) EV13 Thursday at 10:30AM
Division on People of Color and Crime Luncheon EV14 Thursday at 11:30AM
Spatially Enabling Your Research: An Informational Brown Bag (Sponsored by NIJ's Crime Mapping Research Center and the Center for Spatially Integrated Social Sciences, University of California, Santa Barbara) EV15 Thursday at 11:30AM
Using WebCT to Organize Your Course On-line (Sponsored by Wadsworth/Thomson Learning) EV16 Thursday at 1:00PM
Refreshment Break (Sponsored by Wadsworth Publishing) EV17 Thursday at 2:00PM
Ice Cream Social EV18 Thursday at 2:00PM
British Tea (Sponsored by the British Society of Criminology and the British Home Office) EV19 Thursday at 2:30PM
John Jay College of Criminal Justice Reception EV20 Thursday at 7:00PM
Rutgers University Reception (Co-sponsored by Sage Publications, Inc. and Pine Forge Press) EV21 Thursday at 7:30PM
University of California, Irvine Reception EV22 Thursday at 7:30PM
University of South Florida Reception EV23 Thursday at 7:30PM
Sam Houston State University and University of North Texas Joint Reception for Alumni, Students and Friends EV24 Thursday at 7:30PM
Criminal Justice Journalists Reception EV25 Thursday at 7:30PM
University of Cincinnati Reception EV26 Thursday at 7:30PM
University at Albany Reception EV27 Thursday at 8:00PM
School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Florida State University Reception EV28 Thursday at 8:00PM
University of Pennsylvania Breakfast EV29 Friday at 7:00AM
Coffee Break (Sponsored by Anderson Publishing Co.) EV30 Friday at 8:30AM
Canadian Breakfast (Sponsored by Harcourt-Canada) EV31 Friday at 9:40AM
2001 ASC Program Committee Luncheon EV32 Friday at 11:20AM
Division on International Criminology Luncheon EV33 Friday at 11:30AM
Using WebCT to Organize Your Course On-line (Sponsored by Wadsworth/Thomson Learning) EV34 Friday at 4:20PM
President's Reception EV35 Friday at 7:30PM
Division on Critical Criminology Social EV36 Friday at 8:30PM
Minority Fellowship Dance (Sponsored by Wadsworth Publishing) EV37 Friday at 9:00PM
ASC Executive Board Luncheon EV38 Saturday at Noon

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