The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Session Index for the Letter P

Session Title Session IDTime
Parental and Peer Influences on Criminal Involvement Session 57: LC3 Wednesday at 9:40AM
Parents, Peers, and Delinquency Session 301: VO13 Thursday at 2:40PM
Parole and Probation Issues Session 583: IS8 Saturday at 9:40AM
Partnerships in Crime Prevention and Control Session 456: RP8 Friday at 1:00PM
Pathways to Becoming a Homicide Offender Session 155: HO2 Wednesday at 4:20PM
Peacemaking Criminology (Sponsored by the Division on Critical Criminology) Session 189: CC6 Thursday at 8:00AM
Perceptions, Images, and Public Reactions Session 586: MP11 Saturday at 9:40AM
Performance-Based Standards for Juvenile Detention and Correctional Facilities: Early Implementation Results Session 218: CR18 Thursday at 9:40AM
Perspectives of Cuba: Crime, Social Control and Other Aspects of a Communist Country Session 584: LA28 Saturday at 9:40AM
Perspectives on Crime Prevention Session 11: CP1 Wednesday at 8:00AM
Philosophy of Criminal Justice Education and Broadening Students' Horizons Session 149: CJ6 Wednesday at 4:20PM
PLENARY: Edwin Sutherland Address Session 173: SP5 Wednesday at 6:00PM
PLENARY: Presidential Address Session 528: SP19 Friday at 6:00PM
Police and Non-Violent Crime Session 100: PO9 Wednesday at 1:00PM
Police and the Community Session 223: CP10 Thursday at 9:40AM
Police and the Public: The Use of Stop and Search Session 414: PO39 Friday at 9:40AM
Police Culture and Unions Session 415: PO40 Friday at 9:40AM
Police Departmental Dynamics Session 131: PO11 Wednesday at 2:40PM
Police Mainstream Perspectives! Critiques Session 587: PO50 Saturday at 9:40AM
Police Misconduct Session 275: PO25 Thursday at 1:00PM
Police Misconduct and Accountability Session 98: PO7 Wednesday at 1:00PM
Police Organization Structure, Change, and Impact Session 60: PO4 Wednesday at 9:40AM
Police Organizational Change in the U.S. and Canada Session 273: PO23 Thursday at 1:00PM
Police Response to Gangs Session 310: PO27 Thursday at 2:40PM
Police Training and Education Session 61: PO5 Wednesday at 9:40AM
Police Trust and Discretion Session 487: PO46 Friday at 2:40PM
Policing and Advanced Technology Session 161: PO13 Wednesday at 4:20PM
Policing Domestic Violence Session 132: PO12 Wednesday at 2:40PM
Policing Human Rights Session 97: PO6 Wednesday at 1:00PM
Policing in Indian Country Session 343: PO30 Thursday at 4:20PM
Policing in Ireland Session 342: PO29 Thursday at 4:20PM
Policing Non-Urban Areas Session 202: PO17 Thursday at 8:00AM
Policing Serious Crimes Session 164: PO16 Wednesday at 4:20PM
Policing Special Populations Session 204: PO19 Thursday at 8:00AM
Policy and Program for Drug Offenders Session 524: RP12 Friday at 4:20PM
The Politics of Crime Control Session 558: RP14 Saturday at 8:00AM
Power and Control Among the Police Session 59: PO3 Wednesday at 9:40AM
Precursors to Adolescent Substance Abuse Session 227: DR13 Thursday at 9:40AM
Predicting Sentence Outcomes and Evaluating Sentence Effects Session 280: SE10 Thursday at 1:00PM
Prenatal and Neurological Factors in Criminal and Delinquent Behavior Session 143: BI3 Wednesday at 4:20PM
PRESIDENTIAL PLENARY: Malcolm Klein's Contributions to the Study of Crime and Delinquency Session 69: SP2 Wednesday at 11:20AM
PRESIDENTIAL PLENARY: High Points and Low Points in Twentieth Century Criminology Session 248: SP8 Thursday at 11:20AM
PRESIDENTIAL PLENARY: Incarceration, Inequality, and the Drug War in the 21st Century Session 423: SP13 Friday at 11:20AM
Preventing Economic Crime Session 146: CP6 Wednesday at 4:20PM
Preventing Violence Against Women and Children Session 40: CP3 Wednesday at 9:40AM
Preventing Youth Crime Session 115: CP5 Wednesday at 2:40PM
Prevention Programs Targeting High-Risk Youth Session 224: CP11 Thursday at 9:40AM
The Prevention, Investigation, and Review of Police Misconduct Session 485: PO44 Friday at 2:40PM
Prison and/or Drug Treatment Session 438: DR20 Friday at 1:00PM
Prison Health Session 322: CR29 Thursday at 4:20PM
Prison Potpourri Session 323: CR30 Thursday at 4:20PM
Prison Substance Abuse Treatment Research Session 394: CR36 Friday at 9:40AM
Prison Violence Session 38: CR3 Wednesday at 9:40AM
Prison Violence and Control Session 291: CR27 Thursday at 2:40PM
Prison, Punishment, and the Community Session 292: CR28 Thursday at 2:40PM
Prisons and Control Session 359: CS7 Friday at 8:00AM
Probation Studies Session 431: CR39 Friday at 1:00PM
Programmatic, Research and Client Characteristics Issues From a Multi-Site Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Diversion Project Session 133: PS1 Wednesday at 2:40PM
Programs for Incarcerated Women Session 402: GC16 Friday at 9:40AM
Proming Community Diversion Programs Session 549: IS7 Saturday at 8:00AM
Psychological Perspectives on Community and Crime Session 488: PS3 Friday at 2:40PM
Psychological Perspectives on Crime Session 522: PS4 Friday at 4:20PM
Public Housing Crime Patterns Session 532: CO8 Saturday at 8:00AM
Public Perceptions of Police Behavior Session 455: PO43 Friday at 1:00PM
Public Support and Media Coverage of Domestic and Sexual Violence Session 554: MP9 Saturday at 8:00AM
Publication, Data Access, and Applications of the National Incident Based Reporting System Session 493: RM17 Friday at 2:40PM
Punishment and Corrections Session 78: CR7 Wednesday at 1:00PM
Punishment and Society Session 432: CR40 Friday at 1:00PM

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