The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Paper Index for the Letter T

Paper Title Session ID
A Tack in the Shoe: Some Forms of Resistance to Technological Social Control Session 161: PO13
Tactical Rules for the Use of Force Among a Sample of Venezuelan Prison Guards Session 501: CR45
Take the Money and Run: The First Alliance Case Session 593: WC13
Taking Measure of ADAM: Survey Methods and Self-Report Data in Jails Session 386: RM11
Target Selection in Drug Robbery Session 242: RR1
Targeting Hypothesized Mediators of Early Offending Using a Treatment Foster Care Model of Intervention: Relationship of Mediators to Outcomes Session 125: VO5
TBA Session 22: MP1
TBA Session 235: LA12
TBA Session 270: JJ10
TBA Session 318: VL2
TBA Session 318: VL2
TBA Session 318: VL2
TBA Session 519: MP7
Teaching About Genocide and Political Violence in the New Millennium Session 365: CJ12
Teaching as Research: Intertextuality as a Tool for Information Distribution Session 148: CJ5
Teaching Criminal Justice Ethics: The Use of the Student Journal to Enhance Learning Session 41: CJ3
Teaching Ethics to Criminal Justice Intern Students Session 41: CJ3
Teaching Media and Crime Courses Session 326: CJ11
Teaching the Issues of 'Women in Prison': A Search for Creative Pedagogy Session 534: CR49
Teaching the Relationship Between Cinematic Aggression and the Process of Male Audience Identification Session 326: CJ11
Teaching While Black: An Analysis of Variance Within and Without Academe and Its Impact on Minority Ph.Ds Session 313: RE10
Team Work -- Not Making the Dream Work: Community Policing in Poland Session 309: PO26
Tearing Down the Self: Alternative Life Histories Session 590: RM21
Techno-Policing: Promises, Limits and Social Acceptance Session 161: PO13
Techno-Warriorism as a New Police Culture? Interpreting Images of Paramilitary Policing Session 161: PO13
The Technological Basis of Satellite Tracking Technologies for Released Sex Offenders Session 268: IS4
Technology and the Internalization of Policing: A Historical Perspective Session 161: PO13
Technology, Teaching, and Learning in Criminal Justice: Examples of Instructor and Student Uses of Technology in CJ Courses Session 225: CJ8
Telemarketing Fraud: Who are the Tricksters and What Makes Them Trick? Session 284: WC9
Television Network News Coverage of Corporate Crime From 1970-2000 Session 585: MP10
Ten-city Population-based Survey of Attitudes Toward Mandatory Domestic Violence Reporting by Health Care Personnel Session 557: RP13
Ten-Year Recidivism Follow-Up of 1989 Sex Offenders Releases Session 113: CR9
Terrorism in the New Millennium Session 31: TM1
Test First and Ask Questions Afterwards: Improving Validity of Self-Report Drug Use Data by Arrestees Session 120: DR8
A Test of the Stability of Punishment Hypothesis Session 308: LD2
Testing and Extending the Systemic Model of Social Disorganization: Assessing Neighborhood Effects on Victimization Session 479: IC2
Testing Social Control and Social Learning Theories: Temporal and Spatial (In)Variability in the Effects of Subculture on Delinquency Session 181: CS6
Testing Violence Prevention Strategies: Lessons Learned From the Field Session 507: ER10
'Theft of Time': Disciplinary Measure or New Crime? Session 171: WC5
Theological Emphasis, Attribution Style, and Punitiveness: Using Attribution Theory to Assess the Religiosity-Death Penalty Attitudes Relationship Session 290: CR26
A Theoretical and Legal Analysis of Police Handling of Offenders Covered by the American's With Disabilities Act Session 383: PO34
Theoretical Process of Crime Displacement and Diffusion With Time and Place Session 190: DR11
Theorizing Black Male Violence Session 165: RE4
Theorizing Police Misconduct in Conditions of Internal Conflict Session 98: PO7
Theorizing Race and Imprisonment: A Comparative Approach Session 184: CR15
Theory Driven Problem Solving in the Strategic Approaches to Community Safety Initiative Session 135: RC2
The Theory of Internet Association: Application of Differential Association Theory to the Internet Session 459: SI3
Therapeutic Community Prisons Session 322: CR29
They May be Legal, But They Ain't Right: Corporate Crimes Without Law Violations Session 33: WC1
Threats: ow Do Women Respond? Session 442: GC18
Three Forms of Strain Theory? Session 527: SA5
Three Problems for Retributive Sentencing Session 208: SE8
Time and Again: Rhetoric vs. Reality in Research on Gender, Race and Violent Crime Session 426: SP14
To Privatize or Not: Issues That Concern the Public and Private and Private Sector When Privatizing Segments of a Correctional Facility Session 215: SP7
Too Close to Home: Unintended Casualties of the War on Drugs in Harlem Session 190: DR11
The Toronto 'John School' Diversion Program: A Case Study in the Social Politics of Informal Justice Session 549: IS7
Toward a Non-Consensus Social Control Theory: Stigma of Arrest, Attachment Costs, and Commitment Costs Session 110: CS4
Toward a Theoretical and Practical Understanding of the Criminal Careers of Places Session 499: CO6
Toward a Theory of Police Deviance (With Help From Control Balance) Session 7: CS1
Toward Public Health Policing? Enforcement of Laws Regulating Youth Access to Alcohol and Tobacco Session 204: PO19
Towards a 21st Century CyberJustice: The Criminal Justice Process in the Information Age Session 246: WC7
Towards a Contemporary Theory of Girls' Transgressions Session 258: CC8
Towards an Understanding of Social Space: A Model to Test Black's Style of Law Premises Session 500: CO7
Tracking Police Culture: Twenty Years of Police Union Writings Session 415: PO40
Traffic Enforcement as a Form of Racial Harassment by the Police? Analysis of Inmate Criminal Histories Session 455: PO43
The Traffic in Illicit Antiquities Examined as a Criminal Market Session 351: WC11
Trajectories of Deviance Among Adjudicated Adolescent Females: Continuity and Change Session 194: GC7
Transcendence, Self, and Justice: Functionalism Versus Dysfunction Session 590: RM21
Transitions From Childhood Poverty Trajectories to Adolescent Offending Trajectories Session 406: VO20
Transnational Organized Crime: The U.S. Crime Control Policy and Initiatives Session 200: LA10
The Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century and Its Consequences for the Commonwealth of Virginia Session 158: LA8
Trap Theory and Efficient Prevention of Cooperative Crimes Session 146: CP6
Treating Trauma in Incarcerated Women: A First Look at the A New Pathways Program for Women at the FCI Dublin, California Session 362: CR33
Treating Youthful Offenders With Moral Reconation Therapy: A Survival Analysis Session 363: CR34
A Trend Analysis of the Effectiveness of Community Policing: Results From a Midwestern City Session 383: PO34
Trends in Female Violent Crime, 1970-2000 Session 508: GC21
Trends in Violent Offending Among Adolescent Females Session 407: VO21
Trends in Women Criminality in Turkey Session 300: GC13
Tripartite Model: A Sociological Analysis of School Offenders Session 332: VO14
Triple Jeopardy? Black and Asian Women Police Officers' Experiences of Discrimination Session 520: PO47
The True Limits of the Virtue of Police Integrity Session 384: PO35
Trying Times and Temper Tantrums: The Mediating Effects of Anger on Strain and Delinquency Session 387: SA2
Trying to Get Tough on Youth Crime in Utah Session 27: RP1
Turning Points or Selection Artifacts?: Examining Stability and Change Within a Fixed Effects Framework Session 451: LC9
Twenty Years of Efforts to Reduce Jail Crowding in Philadelphia: What Have We Learned? Session 307: LA14
Two Cheers for Community Prosecution Session 572: CT16
Types of Ecstasy User Session 151: DR9
A Typology of Wartime Rape Session 517: LA25

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