The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Paper Index for the Letter L

Paper Title Session ID
La Vida Loca: Co-offending Effects and Premature Death Session 373: VO18
Last Meals and Reasoned Appeals: Selective Reporting of Death Penalty Cases in Major Newspapers Session 327: CC10
Last Resorts: Youth Offender Appeals in Canada Session 377: JJ15
The Last Violent Event: The Experiences of Greek Battered Women Session 340: LA17
The Last Violent Event: The Experiences of Greek Battered Women Session 378: LA18
Law and Violence: Strangers or Siblings? Session 447: HO8
Law Enforcement Majors and Aggressive Tendencies Session 61: PO5
Lawyers, Judges and the Courts as Agents of Social Control in Cuba Session 584: LA28
Leaderless Resistance, Fact or Fiction: An Empirical Assessment of Evolving Terrorist Tactics on the Prosecution of These Offenders Session 170: TM5
Leadership Styles in the Criminal Justice Arena Session 159: LA9
Leathality Among Firearm Types: Incident Level Analysis in Jersey City, New Jersey 1992-1996 Session 334: GU7
The Legacy of the COPS Program Session 453: PO41
Legal Aaptation Among Vietnamese Refugees ahd Immigrants Session 256: CT4
Legal Counsel and Juvenile Offenders: Why Attorneys Don't Help Session 157: JJ6
Legal Impediments and Logistical Solutions to Conducting Research on Adolescents Session 405: VO19
The Legal System's Treatment of Serious Crimes Prior to and Since the Enactment of Hate Crime Laws Session 209: TM6
Legislative and Court Responses to County Economic Disparities Affecting Death Penalty Cases in Idaho Session 348: SE11
The Legislative Response to Violence in our Public School Systems Session 187: CP8
Legitimacy, Consent and State Crime Session 150: CC5
Lesbians and Delinquency: Results From a Pilot Study Session 229: GC8
Leslie T. Wilkins: A Retrospective Session 353: SP11
Lessons From a Three-Year Community Policing Experiment on a Caribbean Island Session 74: SP4
Lessons Learned in Implementing the Federal Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grants (JAIBG) Program Session 480: JJ17
Lethal Intimate Partner Abuse Against Older Women Session 232: VO11
Levels of Scale and Linguistic Problems: Are We Clear on What We're Talking About? Session 385: RM10
Liabilities or Benefits? The Returns From Co-offending Session 373: VO18
A Life Course Analysis of the Relationship Between Military Service and Criminal Behavior Session 201: LC6
A Life Course Perspective Approach to the Cycle of Violence Session 545: VO29
Life Histories of Girls Sentenced to Adult Prison Session 545: VO29
Life in Prison for the Sex Offender With Learning Diabilities Session 489: RP9
Life on Rock Bottom: The Limits of Resistance Session 328: DR16
The Lifers Prison: An Emergent Concept Session 323: CR30
Lifestyle Correlates of Firearm Related Accidental Deaths Session 512: GU10
Lifetime Chance for Murder Victimization Session 526: RM19
Limitations of "The Good Marriage Effect" on Desistance Session 451: LC9
Link Between Maternal Cigarette Smoking During Pregnancy and Life-Course Persistent Offending Session 143: BI3
Linking Adolescent Hopelessness to Neighborhood Factors Session 500: CO7
Links Between Corruption, Organized Crime and White Colllar Crime Session 58: OC2
Liquor is Quicker: Gender and Social Learning Among College Students Session 154: VO6
Local and Trans-Local Approaches to Policy Formation and Drug Control Session 250: SP9
Local Policing Network and Inclusive Security Session 309: PO26
Log-Multiplicative Association Model for Allocating Homicides With Unknown Victim-Offender Relationships Session 582: HO13
Long- and Short-Term Effects of Separaton and Divorce on Delinquency and Problem Behaviors in Children: An Overview of Selected Outcomes From the NLSCY in Canada Session 446: VO23
Long-Term Effectiveness of an Adult Drug Court's Impact(s) on Program Graduates Session 536: CT12
Long-Term Impact of a Family Empowerment Intervention on Juvenile Offender Psychosocial Functioning Session 433: CR41
Long-term Recidivism Impact of a Residential Drug Treatment Alternative to Prison Program Session 438: DR20
A Longitudinal Analysis of the Impact of Athletics on High School Boys Session 93: LA5
Look Who's Watching Now: Forensic Accounting and the Private Policing of White-collar Crime Session 140: WC4
Looking for Love: Dysfunctional Attachment in Repeat Sexual Offenders Session 95: LC4
"Love Doesn't Solve All Problems": Imprisoned Women and Their Significant Others Session 362: CR33
Low Self Control, Staged Opportunity, and Subsequent Fradulent Behavior Session 76: CS3
Low Self-control and Criminal Opportunity as Predictors of Crime: Main and Interactive Effects Session 76: CS3
Low Self-control, Social Bonds, and Criminal Activities Among Incarcerated Jail Inmates Session 76: CS3

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