The 2000 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 14, to Saturday, November 18

Paper Index for the Letter F

Paper Title Session ID
'Face-ing' the Offender: Exploring Public Attitudes to Youth Justice and Young Offenders Session 128: LA7
Factors Affecting Support for and Opposition to the Use of Psychiatric Medicine to Control Juvenile Delinquency Session 47: VO2
Factors Associated With Sentencing Disparities Session 103: SE4
Factors Associated With the Initiation of Heroin Injection Session 259: DR14
Factors Associated With Weapon Carrying Among Young Urban Females Session 547: GU11
Factors Influencing Program Implementation for the NIDA Strengthening Families Program Session 224: CP11
Factors Influencing Students' Perceptions of Violence Existing Within Their Schools Session 509: VO26
Factors Related to Officers' Participation in Community Policing Activities Session 555: PO49
Factors Related to the Desistance of Crime in a Longitudinal Sample Session 483: LC10
The Factors That Determine Prosecutors' Preferences in Recommending Criminal Sentences Session 208: SE8
Factors That Influence the Progression and Desistance of Antisocial behavior Session 308: LD2
Fake It 'Til You Make It: Overconfidence and Client Outcome in a Reintegration Program Session 570: CR56
Family Background Factors and Victimization Characteristics of Youth Adjudicated for Sexual Offenses: Preliminary Findings Session 301: VO13
Family Criminality in the Prediction of Boys' Delinquency Session 379: LA19
Family Matters: Gender, Parental Status, Severity of Offense and Criminal Court Outcomes Session 244: SE9
Family Processes and Delinquency: The Consistency of Relationships Across Ethnic Groups Session 45: ES2
Family Risk Factors and Family Treatments for Early-Onset Offending Session 552: LC12
Family Strain, Gender, and Delinquency: A Test of Agnew's General Strain Theory Session 460: SA3
Family Structure and the Risk for Violence: Separating the Effects of Household and Community Context Session 560: SC1
Family Structure Effects on Adolescent Delinquency Session 580: VO31
Fatal Attraction: Towards and Understanding of the Relationship Between Gender and Boundary Violations in Prison Organizations Session 281: SI1
FBI's High Tech Crime Squad and Economic Espionage Session 283: WC8
Fear of Crime and Sense of Community: A Comparative Study of Fear of Crime at Bondi and Marrickville, Sydney, Australia Session 452: MP5
Fear of Crime in Kentucky Session 452: MP5
Fear of Crime on a University Campus Session 18: GC2
Fear of Gang Crime: A Look at the Four Theoretical Models Session 122: GA3
The Federal Justice Statistics Program Session 316: RM7
Federal Women's Imprisonment in Canada: Success, Failure, or Compromise Session 369: GC15
Felony Defendants on Probation or Parole for a Prior Offense Session 221: CT3
Female Inmates In Oklahoma: Issues in Sentencing, Transfers, and Parenting Session 299: GC12
Female Racialists and the Internet Session 245: TM7
The Female Stalker Session 474: GC20
Female Youth Who Kill: Profiling Canadian Female Youth Convicted of Murder Session 124: GC6
A Feminist Criminology Analysis of Male to Female Stalking Behavior Session 311: PO28
Feminist Criminology in Theory and Action Session 4: SP1
Feminist Pedagogy and Web-Based Instruction: Explaining the Edges of a Dual-Edged Sword Session 294: CJ10
A Feminist Theory of Gangs Session 258: CC8
Fictive Kin, Distressed Inner-City Households, and Drug Epidemics Session 470: DR21
Field Research and Juvenile Corrections Session 20: JJ1
Fighting Back: Victim Weapon Use and Subsequent Assault Session 334: GU7
Fighting Fire With Fire: Heterogender and the Dialectic of Prison Masculinity Session 323: CR30
"Finders are Keepers!?" -- Control Balance, Self Control, and Criminal Behavior in the Presence of Opportunities Session 7: CS1
Findings From an Evaluation of the San Francisco Community Assessment and Referral Center Session 51: JJ2
Findings From the National Evaluation of Community Assessment Centers Session 51: JJ2
Findings on the Link Between Domestic Violence and Stalking Session 102: RP3
Firearm Homicide in Relation to Location of Public Housing in the City of Milwaukee Session 512: GU10
The First Two Years of a Drug Treatment Court: Triumphs and Tribulations Session 15: DR1
Five Year Outcomes of the Delaware Therapeutic Community Treatment Contiuum Session 438: DR20
Florida's Delinquent Girls: An In-Depth Analysis of Female Offenders in Moderate/High-Risk Residential Facilities Session 194: GC7
Florida's Juvenile Boot Camps: Bucking the National Trend? Session 306: JJ11
Forecasting Methods in State Juvenile Correctons Agencies Session 157: JJ6
The Formal Structure of Correctional Organizations Session 565: CR51
Formative Evaluation of the PbS Program Session 218: CR18
Forming and Dissolving Relationships: Violence, Race, and Gangs in a West London Town Session 317: SA1
Fraud in the Penny-Stock Industry: Bank on It Session 67: WC2
Freshman Interest Groups in Criminal Justice Education Session 188: CJ7
The Friends of Siblings: A Test of Social Homogamy vs. Peer Selection for Deviant Behaviors Session 180: BI4
From "No Call Too Small, To No Call At All?: Managing the Police Service Crisis in Canada Session 273: PO23
From Conflict to Violence: Linking Structural, Psychological and Behavioral Determinants of Violent Interaction Session 17: GC1
From Criminality to Health: The Family as as a Moderating Factor in Treating Drug Users in the Criminal Justice System Session 220: CR20
From Nothing Works to What Works: Changing Professional Ideology in the 21st Century Session 255: CR24
From Policing Repeat Victimization to Victim-Oriented Policing Session 413: PO38
From Policy Research to Police Practice Session 159: LA9
From Rehabilitation to Retribution: Has Parole Decisionmaking Changed? Session 570: CR56
From the National to the Transnational, From the Criminological to the Legal: Creating a 'Global' Organized Crime Offence Session 200: LA10
Fruitful Government/Academic Partnerships in Sex Offender Therapy Session 268: IS4
The Future Criminal Behavior of Violent Youths: Is Transfer to Adult Court Effective? Session 480: JJ17
The Future of Capital Punishment in the United States Session 349: SE12
The Future of Community Policing in Florida Session 381: PO32
The Future of the Royal Ulster Constabulary in Northern Ireland Session 342: PO29

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