The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20
Track Chronological Session Index
Sentencing Track

Session Title Session IDTime
Judicial Discretion in the Context of Federal Sentencing Guidelines Session 259: SE1 Thursday at 1:10PM
Legal Representation for Federal and State Defendants Session 314: SE2 Thursday at 4:30PM
Sentencing Practices: International Focus Session 343: SE3 Friday at 8:15AM
Sentencing Disparity in Federal Courts Session 344: SE4 Friday at 8:15AM
Reform Policies and Sentencing Consequences Session 376: SE5 Friday at 10:00AM
State-Level Sentencing Practices Session 403: SE6 Friday at 1:10PM
Imprisonment Decisions Over Time and Place Session 428: SE7 Friday at 2:50PM
The Effect of Victim and Offender Characteristics on Sentencing Outcomes Session 457: SE8 Friday at 4:30PM
Sentencing Practices and Findings Session 482: SE9 Saturday at 8:00AM

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