The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Participant Index for the Letter W
Wa, Kwai Ming, University of Chicago
Wacquant, Loic, University of California - Berkeley
Wade, Terrance J., University of Calgary
Wadsworth, Tim, University of Washington
Wagner-Pacifici, Robin, Swarthmore College
Waid, Courtney A., University of Alabama
Walancik, Piotr, Polish National Police
Waldo, Gordon P., Florida State University
Walgrave, Lode, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Walker, Jeffrey T., University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Walker, Neil, University of Aberdeen
Walker, Robert, University of Kentucky
Wall, David, University of Leeds
Wall, Diana L., University of Georgia
Wallace, Donald H., Central Missouri State University
Wallace, Richard A., University of Wisconsin - River Falls
Wallace, Susan, Federal Bureau of Prisons
Wallace-Capretta, Suzanne, Solicitor General Canada
Walter, Cherie L., Tiffin University
Wan, Angela Moe, Arizona State University
Wanberg, Kenneth, Health Resources Consortium
Warchol, Greg, Northern Michigan University
Ward, Geoffrey K., University of Michigan
Waring, Elin J., Lehman College - City University of NY
Warner, Barbara D., University of Kentucky
Joy Washnock
Wasserman, Gail, Columbia University
Waters, Thomas F., Northern Arizona University
Wathney, Selmer, California Youth Authority
Watkins, R. Cory, University o Central Florida
Weatherburn, Don, NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics & Research
Weathersby, Julie, California State University - San Marcos
Weaver, Greg, Auburn University
Webb, Robert, University of Auckland
Webb, Vincent J., Arizona State University - West
Webber, Craig, Buckinghamshire Chilterns University Coll
Webster, Christopher, Earlscourt Child and Family Centr
Webster, Colin, University of Teesside
Webster, Daniel, Johns Hopkins University
Wechsler, Henry, Harvard School of Public Health
Weekes, John R., Correctional Service of Canada
Weerman, Frank M., International Police Institute Twente
Wei, Evelyn, University of Pittsburgh
Weidner, Robert R., Center for Court Innovation
Weiland, Doris, Crime and Justice Research Institute
Weinand, Herb, University of New England
Weinrath, Michael, University of Winnipeg
Weis, Joseph G., University of Washington
Weisburd, David L., Police Foundation and Hebrew University
Weisheit, Ralph A., Illinois State University
Weisman, Stephanie A., University of Maryland at College Park
Weiss, Alexander, Indiana University
Weiss, Michael Scott, University at Albany
Weitekamp, Elmar, University of Tuebingen
Weitzer, Ronald, George Washington University
Welch, Michael, Rutgers University
Wellford, Charles, University of Maryland - College Park
Wellisch, Jean, University of California - Los Angeles
Wells, L. Edward, Illinois State University
Wells, Robert C., Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Wells, William M., University of Nebraska - Omaha
Wells-Parker, Elisabeth, Mississippi State University
Welsh, Brandon C., University of Massachusetts Lowell
Welsh, Sandy, University of Toronto
Welsh, Wayne N., Temple University
Welte, John W., Research Institute on Addictions
Weltzien, Erin, University of California, San Francisco
Wendel, Travis, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Wenner, Chris, University of Arizona
Wenzel, Suzanne, RAND
West, Gordon, Imaging Transformation International
Wester, Kelly L., Kent State University
Western, Bruce, Indiana University, Bloomington
Westervelt, Saundra D., University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Westphal, Lori, Vanderbilt University
Whaley, Rachel Bridges, Oregon Social Learning Center
Wheatley, Paul, Canada Department of Justice
Wheeler III, Samuel C., University of Connecticut
Whin-Yates, Terry, Simon Fraser University
Whitaker, Ingrid Phillips, Old Dominion University
Whitaker, Stephen, University of Cincinnati
Whitbeck, Les B., Iowa State University
White, Garland, Old Dominion University
White, Helene Raskin, Rutgers University
White, Henry George, FL Juvenile Justice Accountability Board
White, Michael D., Temple University
White, Norman A., University of Missouri - St. Louis
White, Philip, United Kingdom Home Office
White, Ruth M., The Urban Institute
White, Tammy M., University of Pennsylvania
Whitehead, John T., East Tennessee State University
Whitlock, Monica, University of Southern California
Whitus-Goodner, Stephanie A., Sam Houston State University
Wiatrowski, Michael, Utica College of Syracuse University
Wibert, Lori, Michigan State University
Wichmann, Cherami, Correctional Service of Canada
Wicklund, Carl, American Probation and Parole Association
Widom, Cathy Spatz, University at Albany
Wiebe, Douglas, University of California, Irvine
Wiebe, Richard P., Northeastern University
Wieczorek, William F., Buffalo State College
Wiersema, Brian, University of Maryland at College Park
Wikstrom, P-O, Cambridge University
Wilcox, Norma, Wright State University
Wilkinson, Christine, University of Leicester
Wilkinson, Deanna L., Temple University
Will, Jeffry A., Northeast Florida Center for
Will, Susan, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Williams III, Frank P., California State Univ. - San Bernardino
Williams, Brian L., Institute for Law and Justice
Williams, Christopher R., CA School of Professional Psychology
Williams, Hubert, Police Foundation
Williams, James L., Texas Woman's University
Williams, James W., York University
Williams, Linda, Wellesley College
Williams, Marian R., Bowling Green State University
Williams, Matthew L., University of Cardiff
Williams, Ruth, PA Council on Crime and Delinquency
Williams, Ryan K., Pennsylvania State University
Williams, Toni, Osgoode Law School
Williams, Tony, Nottinghamshire Probation Service
Williamson, Che D., Sam Houston State University
Wilmot, David M.K., Simon Fraser University
Wilmot, Keith A., University of Nebraska - Omaha
Wilson, Basil, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Wilson, Bruce, Governors State University
Wilson, David B., University of Maryland - College Park
Wilson, Dawn, University of Cincinnati
Wilson, Jeanne W., Virginia Tech University
Wilson, Jeremy, The Ohio State University
Wilson, Margo, McMaster University
Wilson, Mindy, Pennsylvania State University
Wilson, Nanci Koser, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Wilson, Robin J., Correctional Service of Canada
Wilson, Sandra Jo, Vanderbilt University
Wiltfang, Gregory L., University of Arkansas - Fayetteville
Wincup, Emma, Carduff University
Winett, David L., California Correctional Institution
Winfree, Jr., L. Thomas, New Mexico State University
Wingren, Jennifer, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Winokur, Kristin Parsons, Florida State University
Winston, Craig N., University of Cincinnati
Wintemute, Garen, Violence Prevention Research Program
Wish, Eric D., University of Maryland - College Park
Wisniewski, Chris, Tiffin University
Withers, Richard L., Medical College of Wisconsin
Wittebrood, Karin, Social en Cultural Planning Office
Wolak, Janis, University of New Hampshire
Wolbert, Marc B., Michigan State University
Wolf, Elaine, Syracuse University
Wolf, Marsha E., HIPRC
Wolf, Shanon, Kent State University
Wollan, Jody, Indiana University
Womer, Shannon C., University of Maryland at College Park
Wonders, Nancy, Northern Arizona University
Wong, Dennis, City University of Hong Kong
Wong, Kam C., Chinese University of Hong Kong
Wood, A., Montana State University
Wood, Linda, University of Manitoba
Wood, Peter B., Mississippi State University
Wood, Richard L., University of New Mexico
Michael Woodiwiss
Woods, Daniel J., University of Maryland at College Park
Woods, Glenn P., Royal Candian Mounted Police
Wooldredge, John, University of Cincinnati
Worden, Alissa Pollitz, University at Albany
Worden, Robert E., University at Albany
Wormith, J. Stephen, Ministry of Solicitor General
Worrall, John L., California State University
Wortley, Scot, University of Toronto
Wothke, Werner, Small Waters Corp.
Wozniak, John F., Western Illinois University
Wright, Bradley R. Entner, University of Connecticut
Wright, John Paul, East Tennessee State University
Wright, Mona A., 3563 Kent Drive
Wright, Richard, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Wright, Richard A., Arkansas State University
Wu, Bohsiu, California State University, Sacramento
Wyrick, Phelan, OJJDP

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