The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Participant Index for the Letter H
Haans, Dave, University of Toronto
Haapanen, Rudy, California Youth Authority
Haarr, Robin, Arizona State University - West
Haas, Bob, Westwood Police Department
Haas, Henriette, University of Lausanne
Haberfeld, Maria (Maki), John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Hackler, Jim, University of Victoria
Hadden, Richard W., St. Mary's University, Halifax
Haga, Frances O.F., University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Hagan, Frank, Mercyhurst College
Hagan, John, University of Toronto
Haggerty, Kevin D., University of Toronto
Hairston, Creasie Finney, University of Illinois
Halim, Shaheen, Texas A & M University
Halim, Shaney, Texas A & M University
Hall, Alan, University of Windsor
Hall, Donna L., NYS Div. of Criminal Justice Services
Hall, Elizabeth, University of California - Los Angeles
Hall, Kathy, University of Oklahoma
Hallowes, Michael, Metro. Police Service, New Scotland Yard
Halmari, Helena, Sam Houston State University
Hamai, Koichi, Ministry of Justice
Hamilton, E. Earl, Police Foundation
Hamm, Mark S., Indiana State University
Hammig, Bart J., Centers for Disease Control
Hammond, Alexander, Westfield State College
Hammond, Rodney, Centers for Disease Control/DVP
Hancock, Barry, Southwest State University
Hancock, Lynn, Middlesex University
Haney, C. Allen, University of Houston
Hanlon, Thomas E., Friends Research Institute, Inc.
Hanmer, Jalna, Leeds Metropolitan University
Hanna, Cheryl, Vermont Law School
Hannaford, Paula L., National Center for State Courts
Hannah-Moffat, Kelly, University of Toronto at Missisauga
Hans, Valerie, University of Delaware
Hanson, R. Karl, Solicitor General Canada
Hansson, Desiree, University of Leicester
Harada, Yutaka, National Research Inst. of Police Science
Hardenbergh, Don, Court Works
Hardesty, Constance, Morehead State University
Hardie, James, Tiffin University
Harding, David, Arkansas State University
Hare, Sara C., Indiana University, Bloomington
Harer, Miles D., Federal Bureau of Prisons
Hargarten, Stephen, Medical College of Wisconsin
Hargesheimer, Sheila, City of Seattle
Harland, Alan, Temple University
Harlow, Caroline Wolf, Bureau of Justice Statistics
Harmon, Michele, Westat
Harmon, Talia, University at Albany
Harper, Dee W., Loyola University
Harper, Rosalyn, Middlesex Probation Service
Harrell, Adele V., The Urban Institute
Harries, Keith D., University of Maryland - Baltimore County
Harries, Richard, Home Office, London
Harris, Jessica, Home Office, London
Harris, Philip W., Temple University
Harrison, Lana D., University of Delaware
Hart, Cynthia Baroody, San Jose State University
Hartley, Richard D., Minot State University
Hartman, Jennifer L., Northeastern University
Hartman, Michael, DELTA
Hartnagel, Timothy F., University of Alberta
Hartsfield, Amy, University of South Florida
Hashima, Patricia, University of New Hampshire
Hattem, Tina, Department of Justice Canada
Hawke, Josephine M., N. D. R. I., Inc.
Hawkins, Darnell F., University of Illinois - Chicago
Hawkins, J. David, University of Washington
Hawkins, Stephanie R., Stanford University School of Medicine
Hay, Carter, Washington State University
Hay, Tara, Simon Fraser University
Hayes, John G., SPARTA Consulting Corporation
Hayrynen, Janne, The Police College of Finland
Hayslett-McCall, Karen, Pennsylvania State University
Hayslip, David, Abt Associates Inc.
Hayward, Craig L., University of California - Irvine
Hazzard, Christina A., Northwest Professional Consortium
He, Ni, University of Texas - San Antonio
Head, Robert, Royal Candian Mounted Police
Headley, Bernard, Northeastern Illinois University
Heckert, Alex, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Hedges, Madeleine, Dept. of Human Services South Australia
Heide, Kathleen M., University of South Florida
Heidensohn, Frances, University of London, Goldsmiths College
Heimer, Karen, University of Iowa
Heinbokel, John, Trinity College
Heiser, Jill, University of Georgia
Helmig, Adoma, Pittsburg State University
Hemmens, Craig, Boise State University
Henderson, Kristin, Temple University
Hendrix, Nicole, University at Albany
Henggeler, Scott W., Medical University of South Carolina
Henning, Kris, University of Tennessee
Henriques, Zelma, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Henry, David, University of Illinois - Chicago
Henry, Vincent, New York City Police Department
Hepler, Nancy, Metropolitan Development & Housing Agency
Herbert, Carey, University of Arizona
Herbert, Margaret, LCDH/HPB
Herrell, James M., Center for Substance Abuse Treatment
Herrenkohl, Todd I., University of Washington
Herrera, Veronica M., University of Arizona
Herz, Denise, University of Nebraska - Omaha
Ruth Herz
Herzog, Sergio, University of Haifa
Hess, Henner, University of Frankfurt
Hess, Joy, Kent State University
Hessing, Dick, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Heydenberk, Laurel, Temple University
Hickman, Laura J., University of Maryland at College Park
Hickman, Matthew, Temple University
Higdon, David, Duke University
Higgins, George, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Hill, Karl G., University of Washington
Hiller, Matthew L., Texas Christian University
Hillsman, Sally, National Institute of Justice
Hillyard, Daniel, University of California, Irvine
Hines, Rick, Columbia Police Department
Hines, Sherman, St. Mary's University, Halifax
Hirschel, David, Massachusetts Lowell, University of
Hirschfield, Alexander, University of Liverpool
Hirschfield, Paul J., Northwestern University
Hirschi, Travis, University of Arizona
Hirst, Alexa, The Urban Institute
Hittle, Heidi A., Tiffin University
Ho, Taiping, Ball State University
Ho, Truc-Nhu, University of North Carolina - Pembroke
Hochberg, Mona R., BOTEC Analysis Corporation
Hodges, Francis R., Florida Southern College
Hodgson, James, Longwood College
Hodgson, Lesley, University of Glamorgan
Hodgson, M. John, University of Alberta
Hofer, Paul J., US Sentencing Commission
Hoffman, Allan M., Univ. of Osteophathic Med. & Health Sci.
Hoffman, Bruce, Indiana University
Hoffman, Dean V., OJJDP
Hoffman, M. Elizabeth, Michigan State University
Hoffman, Susan, University at Albany
Hoffman, Vincent, Michigan State University
Hoffmann, John P., Brigham Young University
Hogan, Lorraine, University at Albany
Hogan, Michael J., University of Northern Colorado
Hogan, Nancy Lynne, Ferris State University
Hogeveen, Bryan, University of Toronto
Holcomb, Jefferson E., Bowling Green State University
Holland, Lisa, University of Florida
Holleran, David W., University of Nebraska at Omaha
Hollinger, Richard, University of Florida
Holloway, Steven, University of Georgia
Holmes, C., Rideau Correctional & Treatment Centre
Holmes, Malcolm D., University of Wyoming
Holscher, Louis M., San Jose State University
Holsinger, Alexander M., University of Cincinnati
Holsinger, Kristi, University of Cincinnati
Holt, Victoria L., School of Public Health & Comm. Medicine
Holzman, Harold, U.S. Department of HUD
Hope, Tim, Keele University
Hope, Trina, University of Oklahoma
Horan, Patrick M., University of Georgia
Horney, Julie, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Horovitz, M., Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Horvath, Frank, Michigan State University
Hoskin, Anthony, Albright College
Hossain, Mokerrom, Virginia State University
Houston, James G., Grand Valley State University
Howard, Gregory J., Western Michigan University
Howard, Philip, Home Office, London
Howarth, Glennys, University of Bath
Howe, Hon. Barbara, State of New York
James C. Howell
Howell, Marilyn, Trinity College
Hoyt, Dan R., Iowa State University
Hsieh, Jolan, Arizona State University
Huang, Bu, University of Washington
Huebner, Beth M., Michigan State University
Huff, C. Ronald, University of California, Irvine
Huff-Corzine, Lin, University of Central Florida
Huffer, David E., University of Maryland
Huggins, Denise W., Texas Woman's University
Huiras, Jessica, University of Minnesota
Huizinga, David, University of Colorado , Boulder
Humbach, John A., Pace University
Hume, Beth, Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health
Hummer, Donald, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Humphrey, John A., University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Humphries, Drew, Rutgers University - Camden
Hunt, Kim S., MD Comm. on Criminal Sentencing Policy
Hunt, Scott A., University of Kentucky
Hurwitz, Steven D., Tiffin University
Hussong, Michelle L., University of Nevada - Las Vegas
Hutchison, Iraw W., Univ. of North Carolina at Charlotte
Hutchison, Scott C., Crown Law Office - Criminal
Hwang, Sunghyun, University of Florida
Hyatt, Robert A., Research Triangle Institute
Hyatt, William D., Western Carolina University
Hyman, Hon. Eugene, Santa Clara County Juvenile Court

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