The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter M

Paper Title Session ID
Macro Implications of Large Scale Illegality Session 206: OC2
The Maintenance of Order Amongst Lightly Engaged Strangers Session 300: CC13
Making a Buck: Economic Activity and Crime Among Street Youth Session 350: YO13
Making a Killing: The Business of Guns in America (New Press, 1999) Session 190: GU6
Making Compliant Women: Violence, Its Use and Its Receipt, in Its Many Mutations, in Many Women's Lives Session 461: VW18
Making Justice Work: Effective Criminal Justice Interventions for Domestic Violence Session 37: VI3
Making Out Inside the Cop Culture Session 419: GC11
Making Prisons Work: Prediction, Intervention, and Effective Management Practices Session 516: CR22
Making Sense of Community Responses to Crime and Disorder Session 471: EC6
Making the State Work for Neighborhoods: Transforming Public Policy on Street Gang Reduction Through Collective Problem Solving and Social Science Research Session 31: RP1
Male and Female Prison Populations: Differential Effects of Probation and Parole Violations Session 515: CR21
Male Youth and Woman Abuse: Learning From Canadian Adult Partner Homicide and Attempted Murder Offenders Session 433: VW15
Managed Care Made Easy: The CCA Approach to Corrections Session 89: CR5
Managerial Considerations of Rotating Shift Systems for Police Officers in Small Rural/Suburban Police Agencies Session 196: PO14
Mandatory Arrest and Domestic Violence: An Analysis of Factors Associated With Arrest and Recidivism Rates Session 539: VW21
Manufacturing Crime: The Drug War's Vilification of the Underclass Session 284: SC1
Marijuana Arrests: A War on Drugs or Disorder? Session 341: PO23
Marital Rape: Public Knowledge of Existing Laws in Three States Session 197: RP6
Marketing the Law: Globalization, Corporatism, and the New World Order Session 335: GL2
Marking, Tracking and Tracing: The Role of Information in Controlling the Misuse of Firearms Session 366: GU11
Masters and Servants: Considering the role and Rule of the RCMP in the APEC Crisis Session 480: PO37
The Match of Gender Specific Needs and Programming for Serious Female Offenders Session 156: GC3
Maternal Cigarette Smoking during Pregnancy and Early Onset of Criminal Offending in an Urban African-American Birth Cohort Session 295: BI4
Matter of Priorities: Racism, Empiricism, and Interdiction Efforts Session 509: RE5
Maturational Influences on Deviant Adaptations to Self-Derogation: A Life Course Analysis Session 232: SI2
The Maximum Security Prison in American Culture Session 193: MP5
The Meaning and Response to Domestic Violence in a Chinese Society Session 349: VW10
Measurement Error in Calls for Service as a Crime Indicator Revisited: A Comparison of Uniform Crime Report, Uncorrected Calls for Service and Corrected Calls for Service Session 415: DM1
Measuring Dangerousness: Beyond Prediction Session 442: DM2
Measuring Displacement and Diffusion: An Analysis of Indirect Impacts of Policing in Crime Hot Spots Session 357: CP4
Measuring the Complexities of Battered Women's Decision Making Over Time Session 408: VW14
Measuring the Crime Problem Accurately With Police Statistics and Victim Surveys Session 73: SM1
Measuring the Effects of Fear of Crime Session 505: MP11
Measuring the Gang Problem: An Ecological analysis in a Southern State Session 334: GA8
Measuring the Gun Problem in Canada: Approaches, Limitations and Choices Session 475: GU15
Measuring the Implementation of Community Policing Session 311: PO19
Measuring the Incidence of Hate Crime Session 76: VI4
Media Access to Juvenile Justice in Japan: Freedom of the Press vs. Rehabilitation of Juveniles Session 159: JJ4
Media Representation of Woman Battering: An Analysis of Magazine Cover Stories, 1970-1999 Session 193: MP5
Media, Public Opinion, and Policy Formation in France and Germany Session 423: MP8
Mediating the Influence of Deviant Peers Session 170: YO5
Mental Health and Behavioral Problems Among Serious Juvenile Offenders Session 368: JJ15
The Mental Health Effects of Victimization and Fear of Crime on Neighborhood Residents as Tempered by Social Disorganization Session 297: CO5
Mentally Ill Offenders in Prison, Jail and on Probation Session 491: CR20
A Meta-Analysis of IQ and Delinquency: Much Ado ABout Nothing Session 291: YO10
Meta-Analysis of Sex Offender Treatment Session 265: YO8
A Meta-Analysis of the Predictors of Female Delinquency Session 524: GC16
Meta-Analytic Exploration of the Robustness of Principles of Effective Treatment: Applicability by Gender, Age, Restorative / Retributive Justice and Other Contexts Session 221: EF2
Meta-Analytic Inquiry Into the Relationship Between Risk and Protective Factors and Delinquent and Problem Behaviors Session 94: ER1
Methamphetamine, a Uniquely American Drug Session 496: DR16
Methodological Problems Associated With Research on Jury Selection in Trial Courts Session 328: CT7
Methodological Problems in Screening Juvenile Offenders Session 117: BI2
Metropolitan Crime: An Empirical Investigation Into the Effectiveness of Policy Measures Session 166: SM4
Mid-Term Evaluation of Undergraduate Teaching by Graduate Students in the Criminal Justice Major Session 413: CJ11
The Military Police as a Distinctive Policing Modality Session 532: PO41
Minorities' Perceptions of Police Officers Session 106: RE3
Minority Adolescents and Substance Use Risk and Protective Factors Session 113: YO3
Minority Status and Delinquency: Results From the ISRD Study Session 292: YO11
Mobilizing Government and Private Enterprise for Action Against Violence Session 375: PS6
Model Comparisons of Juvenile Court Outcomes Session 166: SM4
Modeling Sentencing Decisions Under Guidelines: New Rules, New Methods Session 403: SE6
Modeling the Predictive Ability of Case Based Reasoning for Repeat Victimizations Session 201: SM5
Modelling and Predicting Crime in England and Wales Session 73: SM1
Modelling Canadian Crime Trends in Terms of Unemployment and Age: Implications of the Easterlin Hypothesis Session 440: CE2
Models of Community Coordination in Domestic Violence Interventions Session 38: VW1
Models of Deterrence and Crime Using Endogenous Switching Regressions Session 443: DI3
Models of Law and Social Control Depicted Through Fiction Session 33: SL2
Moderating the Effects of Self-Derogation on Deviant Behavior: Cross-Generational Comparisons Session 232: SI2
The Modification of Authoritarian in Police Officers Session 105: PO8
Money Laundering Session 266: OC6
Monitoring and Evaluation of the Program Session 375: PS6
Moralistic Drug Robbery: Exploring the Intersection of Motivation and Justification Session 401: QM1
More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws (University of Chicago Press, 1998) Session 157: GU5
More of Less Governmental Social Control: Assessing the Quantity of Law in Cases of Sexual Harassment Session 199: SL8
More Than Dumb Luck: Distinguishing Factors in "Completed" Versus "Squashed" Violent Events Session 35: VI1
Mother's Age as a Risk Factor for Infanticide Session 406: VC4
Motivating Offenders for Substance Abuse Treatment Session 276: EF4
Motivational Aspects of Shame and Guilt: Some Implications for the Criminal Justice System Session 276: EF4
MPDC Community Problem-Solving Partnership Initiative Session 498: ER7
MPDC Drug Market Initiative Evaluation Session 498: ER7
Mr. Nice's Expanding Network" Entrepreneurial Opportunities in the Drug Trade Session 228: OC3
A Multilevel Analysis of Weapon Possession at School Session 205: YO6
A Multilevel Model of the Effects of Social Disorganization on Adolescent Deviance Session 383: CO7
Multiple Victim Public Shootings, Bombings, and Right-to-Carry Concealed Handgun Laws: Contrasting Private and Public Law Enforcement Session 526: GU18
Multisystemic Therapy Treatment and Program Fidelity Session 333: EF6
Multivariate Survival Analysis for Split Populations With Application to Patterns of Domestic Violence Session 201: SM5
Myth as Reality: The Assault on Fact in the Debate Over Hate Crime Laws Session 346: TM4

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