The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter L

Paper Title Session ID
LaBodega de la Familia: Meeting the Challenge in Implementing Family-Focused Drug Treatment Session 274: CC11
Labor Markets, Communities and Crime: The Effects of Industrial Distribution on County Crime Rates and Individual Criminality Session 483: SI5
Lack of Citizen Security: Central Object of Local Policies Session 198: RP7
Larcenies From Motor Vehicles: Results of a Crime Analysis in a Commercial Area Session 49: CP3
Last Call: An Evaluation of the Effect of Earlier Bar Closings on Alcohol-Related Crime Session 9: AL1
Latent Markov Modelling of Recidivism Data Session 281: LD1
The Latin Kings of Long Island Session 294: SP15
The "Latin Kings/Queens" in New York City: Spiritual Resistance, Collective Identity, and the Politic of Meaning Session 294: SP15
Latinos/as and Misdemeanor Sentencing: A Test for Paternalism Session 457: SE8
The Law and Politics of Municipal Litigation Against the Gun Industry: The NRA Response Session 129: GU4
Law and the Structuring of Social Order Session 538: VI14
Law Enforcement Programs in Canada Session 412: CE1
Law Enforcement-Assisted Suicide: Exploring the Parameters of 'Suicide by Cop' Session 25: HO1
Law School and the Corporate Agenda Session 387: CC20
Laws/cyberlaws: Who Are They Protecting? Session 72: SL5
Lawyers, Guns, and Burglars: Lawsuits Against Gun Companies, and the Problem of Positive Externalities Session 224: GU7
Leaderless Resistance and the Radical Right: The Aryan Republican Army as a "New" Social Movement Session 404: TM5
The Learning Connection: Gender Roles and Crime Session 524: GC16
Legal Counsel and Departures From the Federal Sentencing Guidelines Session 314: SE2
Legal Counsel and Two Correctional Populations: Comparing Federal and State Offenders Session 314: SE2
The Legal System and Sexual Harassment: An Up-to-Date Perspective Session 263: VW6
The Legalization of Petit Apartheid Session 414: CC21
Legalized Abortion and Crime Session 534: RC2
Legislative Exclusion of Offenses From Juvenile Court Jurisdiction: A History and Critique Session 396: JJ18
The Leniency Gap Between Juvenile and Criminal Court? Results of a National Experiment Session 369: JJ16
Lesbian Rape: Maternal Metaphors for the Patriarchal State and International Conflict Resolution Session 91: CC3
Lessons Learned From the Evaluations of the Pathways to Success and YouthARTS Demonstratioon Project Session 367: JJ14
Life's a Drag: Helping Behavior and Its Relationship to Hate Crimes and Other Behaviors Session 286: TM2
Lifestyles and Crimetypes: Considerations of Direct and Indirect Aggression Session 342: PS4
Like the Pot Calling the Kettle Black: Criminologists Who Engage in Criminal, Deviant, and Unethical Behavior Session 264: WC7
Limiting Liability and White-Collar Crime in 19th-Century France Session 284: SC1
Link Between Alcohol and Aggression and the Prevention or Harm Reduction of Physical Assaults Session 203: VP3
The Link Between Youth Aggressive Behavior and Victimization: Findings From the Israeli National Youth Survey Session 350: YO13
Linking the Gun With the Death: The Who, When, and Where of the Gun's First Purchase Session 447: GU14
Little Village: An Integrated Approach to the Reduction of Gang Violence Session 155: GA4
Littleton, Colorado: Harris and Klebold Killed 12 Fellow Students and a Teacher at Columbine High School Before Apparently Taking Their Own Lives on April 20, 19999 Session 37: VI3
Living a Life of Nonviolence: Meeting the Needs of All Session 467: CC23
Living Dangerously: Lifestyle Choices and Criminal Victimization Among Toronto Street Youth Session 350: YO13
Local Experiences Using Performance Indicators in the Evaluation of the SafeFutures Initiative Session 448: JJ20
Local Policing in 20th Century France: The Hidden Paradox Session 479: PO36
Long-Term Effects of Prenatal and Early Childhood Nurse Home Visitation Session 381: PS7
Long-Term Prisoners in French Prisons Session 13: CR1
The Longer Term Effects of Graduated Sanctions: Findings From the Evaluation of the D.C. Superior Court Drug Intervention Program Session 184: CT2
A Longitudinal Analysis of Victimization Incidents Session 111: VI6
A Longitudinal Analysis of Welfare and Homicide Session 466: CE3
A Longitudinal Qualitative Study of Prison-based Drug Treatment for Women Session 427: QM2
Longitudinal Study of the Effects of Religiosity on Delinquency and Substance Use Session 291: YO10
A Longitudinal Study of the Impact of a Family Empowerment Intervention on Juvenile Offender Psychosocial Functioning: A Final Assessment Session 508: PS9
Longitudinal Test of an Integrated Theory of Delinquency Session 225: IC1
Looking Inside the "Black-Box": Assessing Risk for Recidivism After Treatment Session 247: EF3

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