The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter A

Paper Title Session ID
Abductor Most Likely to Succeed: Issues in Resolving Cases of International Child Abduction Session 432: VC5
Abuse of Child Abuse Session 459: VC6
Abused Women With and Without Protection Orders: Baseline Comparisons and Preliminary Results of Effectiveness of Orders on Subsequent Health and Justice Outcomes Session 513: VW20
Academic Integrity Session 17: CJ1
The Academy of Experimental Criminology Session 238: SP13
Accommodating Other People's Money: Organized Income Tax Evasion and the Garment Industry as a Criminogenic Market Session 141: WC3
Accounting for Changes in Police Behavior: Typescripts and Arrest in Domestic Violence Cases Session 312: PO20
Achieving Justice: An Analysis of Sentencing in the Lower Criminal Courts inBangladesh Session 343: SE3
Action-Oriented Research Initiatives: Promoting Improved Criminal Justice Responses to Sexual Assault Session 70: RP3
Activities Against Organized Crime in Europe Session 310: OC8
Addicted to the Drug War? Why Some Law Enforcement Agencies are Dependent on Civil Forfeiture Session 341: PO23
Addressing the Distinct Experience of the Adolescent Female: Explaining Delinquency and Examining the Juvenile Justice System Session 189: GC4
The Adequacy of Several Criminological Theories: Juvenile Probation Officers' Explanation for Juvenile Delinquency Session 235: YO7
Adjudicated Health: Incarcerated Women and the Social Construction of Health Session 91: CC3
Adolescent Deviance, Non-Normative Timing of Role Entry, and Subsequent Adult Deviance Session 530: LC6
Adolescent Drug Use in Korea: A Test of Competing Three Theoretical Concepts Session 124: DR7
Adolescent Employment and the Social Psychological Processes of Delinquency: Uncovering the Connections Between Work, Locus of Control, and Addictive Behavior Among Enrolled High School Students and Drop-outs Session 483: SI5
Adolescent Illicit Druge Use: The Role of Physical Abuse, Sexual Victimization, and its Co-Occurrence Session 377: VC2
Adolescent Masculinity Challenges, the Body, and Heterosexual "Sissy" Violence Session 500: GC15
Adolescents and Television: Do Peers Have an Effect? Session 505: MP11
Adverse Outcomes in Experiments: Methodological, Statistical and Ethical Issues Session 23: ED1
Affective States and Sex Offending: A Test of Control Balance Theory Session 118: CS4
African Americans and the Military Justice System Session 414: CC21
After Penal-Welfare: Social Change and Social Order in Late Modernity Session 71: SL4
The Aftermath of Homicide Victimization: Revisiting Arguments Against Seeking Retirubution Through Capital Punishment Session 181: CA4
Age and the Drug/Crime Nexus Session 220: DR8
Age of Onset Effects in an Inner-City Sample Session 374: PS5
Age, Gender and Delinquency: Results From the ISRD Study Session 292: YO11
Age, Life-Course Transition, and the Desistance From Crime Session 402: RC1
Age-Varying Effects of the Causes of Adolescent Drug Use: A Developmental Study Session 26: LC1
AIDS in a State Prison: Examining Inmate Attitudes on AIDS and Related Issues Session 355: CR15
Al-Islam and Alcohol: An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Islamic Religiosity on alcohol Use at American College Campuses Session 44: AL3
Alcohol Abuse and Assults on Wives: The Cultural Context Session 407: VW13
Alcohol and Homicide: State-Level Replication and Extension Session 43: AL2
The Alcohol and Violence Link Revisited: Ethnicity and Booze in Miami Session 116: AL4
Alcohol and Violence: The Impact of Community Interventions on Violent Crime Session 116: AL4
Alcohol Consumption Behaviors, Fighting and Weapon Use: Cross-Sectional Findings From the Add-Health Study Session 9: AL1
Alcohol, Drug and Mental Disorders Among Juvenile Detainees: Implications for Services Session 368: JJ15
Alexandria, Virginia, Youth Policy Commission's Blue Print for Strategic Planning: A Work in Progress Session 448: JJ20
Alien Smuggling Session 236: OC4
All the Way Down the Slippery Slope: Gun Prohibition in England and Some Lessons for Civil Liberties in America Session 224: GU7
Altering Risk Factors as a Delinquency Prevention Strategy: Evidence From Meta-Analysis Session 477: JJ21
Alternative Measures for Drug Users: The Introduction of the Toronto Drug Treatment Court Session 246: DR9
Alternative Offender Severity and Recidivism Measures: An Update on the Florida Transfers to Criminal Court Study Session 369: JJ16
Alternatives to Incarceration for Felony Offenders in New York City Session 131: IS2
Am I My Brother's Keeper? Session 245: DE2
America's Hitler? William Dudley Pelley and the American Right Session 316: TM3
American Apartheid: The Incarceration of African-Americans Session 360: CC18
"Americanization": An Assessment of Immigrant Acculturation Towards Deviant Behavior Session 67: RE1
Amicus Curiae Briefs: Protecting Human Rights and Preventing Executions in the United States Session 148: CA2
Amor de Rey and Other Narratives of Street Nations in the Year 2000 Session 294: SP15
Amy Man Could be a Rapist, any Husband a Batterer, and any Possessive Lover a Stalker but for the Consequences Session 244: CC9
The Analysis of Aggregate Drug Use Statistics Session 56: DR5
An Analysis of Blended Sentencing in Minnesota Session 395: JJ17
Analysis of Curfew Enforcement and Juvenile Crime Session 254: JJ8
Analysis of Data Collection and Statistical Research on Crime in Argentina Session 8: SP4
The Analysis of Mitigating Factors Presented in Capital Murder Sentencing Trials Session 180: CA3
An Analysis of the Challenges Facing the Assault Weapons Ban Session 6: SP2
An Analysis of Web-Based Educational Tools in the Criminology/Criminal Justice Field Session 519: CJ12
Analyzing the Relationships Between Probation Terms, Probation Violations, Correctional Responses to Violations and Deterrence Session 411: CR16
Angry Aggression Among Police Officers Session 398: PO27
Anti-Gang Legislation: The Newest Weapon in the War on Gangs? Session 274: CC11
Anti-Gang Statutes and Racial Politics Session 34: SL3
Applications of GIS to Space and Crime in the City of Edmonton Session 497: EC7
Applying Black's Theory of Law to City-Level Homicide Clearance Rates Session 384: CO8
Are All Organizational Compliance Programs Created Equal? A Comparative Study Session 112: WC2
Are Children Being Seen or Heard?: An Evaluation of the Implementation and Effectiveness of the Provisions for Child Witnesses Under Sections 486 and 715.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada Session 327: CT6
Are Citizen Complaints Just Another Measure of Officer Productivity? An Analysis of Citizen Complaints and Officer Activity Measures Session 398: PO27
Are Rifles and Shotguns the 'Weapons of Choice' in Canadian Crime? Session 250: GU8
Are We Explaining Different Things?: Testing the Need for Disaggregation of the Dependent Variable in Criminology Session 442: DM2
Artificial Boundaries Between Criminology and Minority Groups in New Jersey: Inside and Outside of the Classroom Session 217: CJ10
Asking Better Questions: Modeling Domestic Violence as a Dynamic Process Session 78: VW2
Asserting Research Confidentiality in Court: Some Proposals for the ASC Code of Ethics Session 69: RP2
Assessing Lethal Violence Through Criminal Justice Matrix Session 37: VI3
Assessing Lighting Values Through GIS Strategies Session 391: EC4
Assessing Predictors of Alcohol and Drug Use Among Minority Adolescents Session 44: AL3
Assessing School-Based Substance Use Prevention Programs: The Gap Between Research and Practice Session 125: ER2
Assessing the Causes of Students' Fear of Criminal Victimization in Public Schools Session 109: VM3
Assessing the Dimensions and Scope of Wrongful Convictions: An Examination of all Post-Furman Releases From Arizona's Death Row Session 10: CA1
Assessing the Effects of Street Violence on African-American Assault Victims Session 288: VM8
Assessing the Efficacy of Travis Hirschi's Social Bond Theory for Explaining Alcohol Consumption for First and Second Generation Immigrants and White Youth Session 67: RE1
Assessing the Feasibility of Drug Courts for Youthful Offenders Session 503: JJ22
Assessing the Future of Public/Private Policing: Police Officers and Security Professionals' Perceptions Session 531: PO40
Assessing the Impact of a Screening Instrument on Secure Detention Overcrowding in Erie, County, PA: A One-Year Follow-Up Session 503: JJ22
Assessing the Movement to Save Criminology at Berkeley Session 299: CC12
Assessment and Identification of Promising Practices in Juvenile Justice Education Session 90: CJ6
Assessment of Bullying, Threatening and Intimidation in the Schools: Self Reports Session 75: VM2
An Assessment of Private vs. Public Juvenile Justice Education Programs Session 90: CJ6
The Assessment of Risk and Need in a Sample of Provincially Sentenced Women Session 151: CR8
An Assessment of Serious Crime Reduction in the Neighborhoods Comprising the Westside Community District of Ponca City, Oklahoma Session 105: PO8
Assessment of Two Cost-Effectiveness Studies on Cocaine Control Policy Session 230: RP8
Assimilation and Fear of Crime: The Case of Vietnamese and Chinese Session 338: MC2
Association of Power-Control Tactics With Intimate Partner Violence Against American Indian Women Session 380: VW12
Assortative Mating and Peer Affiliations as an Explanation for the Stability of Antisocial Behavior From Adolescence to Early Adulthood Session 504: LC5
Attitudes and Belief of Public Defenders Session 272: CT4
Attitudes Toward the Police: A Survey of Cohorts Likely to Enter the Field of Criminal Justice Session 28: PO2
Attitudinal Variance Among Police Officers Following Organization Change Session 373: PO26
Attorney Use in California Juvenile Courts: 1980-1995 Trend Analysis Session 235: YO7
The Attributes of Drug Markets: Is it Really the Drug That Determines Purchasing Patterns? Session 469: DI4
Attributions of Drug Offenders Under Treatment-Based Sentencing Reforms Session 327: CT6
Australia's Disarmament Efforts: Lessons Learned Session 394: GU12
Automated Crime Mapping: Autopilot or Power Steering Session 277: EC2

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