DPCC Awards

The Division on People of Color and Crime offers five awards in recognition of outstanding contributions to the study of race, crime, and justice.

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an individual who has a record of sustained and significant accomplishments and contributions in (1) research on people of color and crime and the field of criminology or criminal justice; (2) teaching and/or mentoring scholars in this field; and (3) service to the discipline and to the community of people of color.

The Coramae Richey Mann Award recognizes a member of the DPCC who has made outstanding contributions of scholarship on race/ethnicity, crime, and justice.

The Julius Debro Award recognizes a member of the DPCC who has made outstanding contributions in service to professional organizations, academic institutions, or the advancement of criminal justice.

The New Scholar Award recognizes an individual who is in the early stages of her or his career and has made significant recent contributions to the literature on race/ethnicity, crime, and justice. Scholars who have earned a Ph.D. in the past five years are eligible for this award.

The Outstanding Student Award recognizes outstanding student research on race/ethnicity, crime, and justice.

The Community Service Award recognizes the work by an individual or organization making outstanding contributions to improve the quality of life for underserved populations and communities affected by crime.


Lifetime Achievement Award

2012 – Lauren Krivo
2011 – Barry Krisberg and Ramiro Martinez
2010 – Helen Taylor Greene
2009 – Marjorie Zatz
2008 – Ruth Peterson

Coramae Richey Mann Award

2012 – Marjorie Zatz
2011 – Nancy Rodriguez
2010 – Robert Crutchfield
2009 – Jody Miller
2008 – Karen Parker
2007 – Ramiro Martinez and Katheryn Russell-Brown
2006 – Eric Stewart
2005 – Shaun Gabbidon and Helen Taylor Greene
2004 – not given

Julius Debro Award

2012 – Deanna Wilkinson
2011 – not given
2010 – not given
2009 – Everette Penn
2008 – Hillary Potter
2007 – Vernetta Young
2006 – Lauren Krivo and Ruth Peterson
2005 – not given
2004 – not given

New Scholar Award

2012 – Andres Rengifo
2011 – Robert J. Durán
2010 – Victor Rios
2009 – Nikki Jones
2008 – Rod Brunson

Outstanding Student Award

2012 – Favian Alejandro Martín
2011 – Michael Rocque
2010 – Erin Kerrison
2009 – Brian Starks
2008 – Travis Linemann

Community Service Award

2012 – Ameena Matthews