In 2014 when DCS voted for the Handbook on Corrections and Sentencing and increased our dues to $25 per person a year, we knew that this was a short-lived solution to funding the handbook and that we would need to increase dues to pay for the handbook and increased costs of the breakfast and social. If we do not make a change in our fee structure for the coming year, the Division might encumber a significant deficit by the end of this year, which is neither wise nor permissible by ASC rules. We are therefore proposing two due structures and are requesting thatall members vote for one of the options below. Voting will close January 30th, 2017.

Option 1 has a different fee structure for those who would like to receive the Handbook at a significantly reduced price (the current market value of ~$196). This option allows members to ELECT whether to receive the book or not (and keeps the regular membership dues the same (increasing student dues by $5)). Only those who elect to receive the Handbook and pay the additional $25 would get a copy of the Handbook (membership dues must be paid by September 1st of the membership year).*

a. Regular Membership = $25.00 (no change)
b. Student Membership = $10.00 (increased by $5)
c. Regular Membership w/the Handbook on Corrections and Sentencing = $50.00
d. Student Membership w/the Handbook on Corrections and Sentencing = $35.00

Option 2 involves substantially increasing the membership dues for ALL members (including students), with regular members partially subsidizing student members. Under this model, a DCS membership paid by September 1st of the membership year would include a copy of that year’s handbook.*

a. Regular Membership = $55.00
b. Student Membership = $25.00

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* The American Society of Criminology processes membership applications received after September 1st as applications for the following year. In order to receive that year’s volume of the Handbook, you must renew and pay the appropriate dues by September 1st.