I. Dues:

Dues will be determined by the Executive Board. Any increases must be ratified by vote of the members at the Divisions Annual Membership Meeting.

II. Committees:

A. Standing Committees:

There will be six standing committees: Nominations Committee, Newsletter Committee, Outreach Committee, Programming Committee, Student Affairs Committee, and Special Events Committee.

B. Other Committees:

The Executive Board will create such committees as it deems appropriate to carry out the purposes and objectives of the Division. Members of such committees will be appointed by Chair of the Division with the approval of the Executive Board. (Awards Committee, Networking Committee, Publications Committee, and Website Committee)

C. Committee Chairs:

Committee Chairs will be appointed by the Division Chair with the approval of the Executive Board, and announced at the Divisions Annual Membership Meeting. Committee Chairs will serve for one year and may be reappointed.

III. Meetings:

A. Executive Board:

The Executive Board shall meet at least once a year, on the first day of the ASC Annual Meeting. Such other meetings may be called as are needed.

B. Membership

The general membership of the Division shall meet once a year, at the time and place of the ASCs Annual Meeting. Such meeting shall be designated the Divisions Annual Membership Meeting.

C. Rules of Order:

Meetings will be conducted in a manner determined by the Chair. In the event of a conflict, Roberts Rules of Order will be determinative.

D. Quorum:

A quorum will consist of one-fifth of the Divisions members in good standing. All votes will be determined by a simple majority of those present, unless provided otherwise by this document.

In the event a quorum is not present at the general membership meeting(s), a majority of those present will be sufficient for action. Such action may be challenged by a member in good standing not in attendance at the ASC Annual Meeting. In case of a challenge, a ratification vote will be offered to the general membership in the next Division Newsletter.