The Differential Intervention Award is given to a researcher, scholar, practitioner, or other individual who has significantly advanced the understanding, teaching, or implementation of classification, differential assignment, or differential approaches designed to promote improved social and personal adjustment and long-term change among juvenile and adult offenders. The award focuses on interventions, and on ways of implementing them that differ from “one-size-fits-all,” “one-size-largely-fits all,” or “almost fits all,” approaches. The recipient’s contribution can apply to community, residential, or institutional within or outside of the United States. Consideration for this award does not necessarily require a full nomination packet (which usually requires quite a bit of work in preparation). Just send the award committee the person’s name, affiliation, and a couple of sentences on what that person has done to deserve consideration for the Warren/ Palmer Differential Intervention Award. Nominations should be sent to no later than September 15, 2017.

Past Marquerite Q. Warren and Ted B. Palmer Award Recipients

2017 Emily Salisbury
2016 Not Awarded
2015 Gibb Pritchard
2014 Tim Bynum
2013 Faye Taxman
2012 Paul Gendreau
2011 Jim Byrne
2010 Ed Latessa
2009 James Austin
2008 Not Awarded
2007 Tim Brennan
2006 Patricia Van Voorhis
2005 Phillip Harris