Dissertation Scholarship Award
The Division on Corrections & Sentencing of the American Society of Criminology announces a dissertation scholarship award. The DCS will grant a monetary award of $1,000 to assist a doctoral student with completion of his/her dissertation. Doctoral students who have, or will have, successfully completed their dissertation prospectus defense at the time of the award are eligible to apply. The award is aimed specifically at students who are working on a sentencing or corrections topic for their dissertation and we are looking for a dissertation with the potential to make a unique and important contribution to the field. These monies can be used to assist with data collection or to offset other costs associated with the dissertation research. To be eligible, students must have completed all required course work, passed qualifying comprehensive exams, and have successfully defended the dissertation prospectus by the award date (November, 2017). Applications are due on September 1, 2018 and should be submitted to Kimberly Kras, Dissertation Scholarship Chair, at Kimberly_Kras@uml.edu.
Proposals should include the following:

  1. Narrative: A 1500 word narrative outlining the dissertation topic as well as data collection methods and analytic strategy.
  1. Budget: A separate detailed budget page. Students should also include a detailed explanation of how they expect the monies would be expended.
  1. Curriculum Vitae: A current copy of the student’s curriculum vitae.
  1. Support Letter: The student’s dissertation chair must submit a signed statement of support describing (a) the current status of the proposed work, and (b) the student’s potential to successfully complete the dissertation (see eligibility requirements).

The narrative, budget, vitae, and letter of support should be submitted on separate pages in one pdf document.

Prior Award Recipients:

2017 Veronica Horowitz
2016 Elizabeth Thompson Tollefsbol
2015 Molly Buchanan
2014 Kimberly A. Bender
2014 Jill Viglione (Honorable Mention)
2013 Kimberly Kras
2012 Joshua Cochran (First Place)
2012 Jordan Hyatt (Second Place, Shared)
2012 Phil Mulvey (Second Place, Shared)
2011 Laura A. Gross