DCS Call for Nominations: Vice Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, & Executive Counselor

3 positions available:

Vice-Chair: Presides over Division meetings in the absence of the Chair and shall be empowered to conduct all necessary business of the Division if the office of Chair is vacant or if the Chair is unable to serve. The Vice-Chair or their designee will be responsible for assistance to, and oversight of, the Newsletter Committee. Term: 2 years (2019-2020)

Secretary/Treasurer: Keeps the records and minutes of the Division. The Secretary/Treasurer will also remain in contact with the Treasurer of ASC who will maintain a separate account in the ASC treasury for the Division. The Secretary will inform Division membership of the Divisions balance, debts, credits, etc. at the Divisions Annual Membership Meeting. The Secretary will notify the Executive Board of any financial issues that arise between Annual Membership Meetings. Term: 2 years (2019- 2020)

Executive Counselor: Assists the Chair with executive decisions for the Division, and each will chair at least one committee of the Division. Term: 2 years (2019-2020)

How to apply:

By August 1 interested applicants should send (1) CV and (2) statement of interest to Kate Fox (katefox@asu.edu), Chair of Nominations Committee.

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