DCS Election: New Executive Board

The DCS new executive board election results are in!

Beth Huebner has been elected the next chair of the Division and Kate Fox and Danielle Rudes will be our next executive counselors. The membership voted overwhelmingly to allow Shelley Listwan and Melinda Tasca to remain in their roles to allow for staggering terms of the leadership.

NEW DCS EXECUTIVE BOARD (effective 11/17/2017)
Beth M. Huebner (chair, 2017-2019)*
Shelley Listwan (vice chair, 2015-2018, term extended by one year)
Melinda Tasca (secretary/treasurer, 2015-2018, term extended by one year)
Mindy Bradley (executive counselor, 2016-2018)
Kate Fox (executive counselor, 2017-2019)*
Danielle Rudes (executive counselor, 2017-2019)*

Thanks also to all who voted in the Division election and especially to those who ran for an elected office in the division (Ben Steiner, Alex Holsinger, Debi Koetzle, and Shannon Reid). We hope we can convince you to run again in the future. We look forward to welcoming our newest board members at the DCS breakfast and business meeting on Thursday November 17th in Philadelphia. We also thank Kevin Wright and Sara Wakefield, Executive Counselors, whose terms will end during the conference in November for their exceptional service to the Division for the past two years!


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