IMPORTANT! DCS Handbook Volume 2 Coming Soon!

In November 2017, Routledge will release volume two of the DCS Handbook Series. This volume, edited by Jeffrey Ulmer and Mindy Bradley, focuses on disparities in sentencing decisions.

The DCS membership voted to approve a new due structure that allows members to elect to receive the DCS Handbook for an additional $25 (this represents an incredible DCS member discount as the second book will retail for $240). Future year membership forms allow you to elect to join DCS with or without the Handbook; however, if you want to receive the second volume, and have not yet paid the additional $25, you will need to do so before SEPTEMBER 1st (the ASC applies memberships paid after September 1st to the following year).

Only those who have paid the $25 for the Handbook by September 1, 2017 will receive the second handbook when it is released later this year. Please call Nicole Coldiron at 614-292-9207. She will be able to tell you if your DCS membership is current (and if you need to pay the extra $25 to get the 2017 Handbook). The table of contents for the Handbooks are available here.

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