ASC Outstanding Article Award Nominations

The ASC Outstanding Article Award Committee encourages the membership of all ASC Divisions to consider nominating exceptional papers in criminology published in 2015 for the Outstanding Article Award (to be awarded at the 2017 ASC meetings in Philadelphia). The deadline for nominations is rapidly approaching (Feb 15).

The text of the Award announcement is included below and at:

The American Society of Criminology Outstanding Article Award (established in 2006) honors exceptional contributions made by scholars in article form. The award is given annually for the peer-reviewed article that makes the most outstanding contribution to research in criminology. The Committee will consider articles published during the 2015 calendar year.

The Committee automatically considers all articles published in Criminology and in Criminology & Public Policy, and will consider articles of interest published in other journals. We are also soliciting nominations for this award. Self-nominations by ASC members are acceptable. To nominate articles, please send full citation information for the article and a brief discussion of your reasons for the recommendation.

Current members of the ASC Board are ineligible to receive this award. However, if a current member of the Board is nominated for this award, their nomination shall be considered in the first year following their service on the Board.

The above noted materials should be sent by February 15, 2017 to:
Outstanding Article Committee Chair
Christopher Browning

The Executive Board may decide not to give the award in any given year. Award decisions will be based on the quality of the manuscripts and not on the number of nomination endorsements received for any particular manuscript.

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