Seeking Nominations for ASC Awards

Greetings DCS Members,

I am chairing the DCS outreach committee this year, and I am writing to seek your help in nominating DCS members for the ASC Awards. The benefits of nominating a fellow DCS member are many, but include greater recognition of sentencing and corrections research and the Division by the members of ASC. The awards that DCS members could be nominated for are as follows:

· Herbert Bloch Award
· Ruth Shonle Cavan Young Scholar Award
· Michael J. Hindelang Award
· Mentor Award
· Outstanding Article Award
· President’s Award for Distinguished Contributions to Justice
· Sellin-Glueck Award
· Edwin H. Sutherland Award
· Teaching Award
· August Vollmer Award
· ASC Fellow (

Please do not wait to nominate your fellow members. Most of the deadlines for the nominations for these awards are due March 1st. Nominations could come directly from members to the various award committees, although I simply ask that you let Nominations committee chair Sara Wakefield ( know who you are nominating and for which award. The Nominations committee would also be willing to submit your nomination on behalf of DCS. Or, if you feel strongly that someone should be nominated, but do not quite have the time to complete the nomination yourself, I or one of the other DCS officers would be willing to help.

Thank you so much for your assistance!

Kind regards,

Kevin A. Wright, Ph.D.

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