Collaborative Research Groups

In order to facilitate discussion and collaboration among Division members on topics within the broad field of corrections and sentencing, the DCS hosts a number of collaborative research groups. These groups offer a forum for members to easily communicate with each other about topics such as funding opportunities, teaching tips, important publications and reports, and current events. Members are encouraged to join one or more groups in their specific interests.

To join a group, please email the group leader listed below and ask to be added to the group; you will need a google account, since the groups are run through google groups.


If you would like to begin a new group for a topic not currently covered, please email the Division Chair, Faye Taxman, at

Collaborative Research Groups:

1. Sentencing guidelines

Jordan Hyatt,

2. Risk assessment

Jordan Hyatt,

3. Comparative Corrections

Philip Reichel,

4. Family life and corrections

Ana Campos-Holland,

5. Incarcerated women

Jill D’Angelo,

6. Correctional staff

Brandy Blasko,

7. Mass incarceration

Natasha Frost,

8. Juvenile transfer to criminal court

Gordon Crews,

9. Correctional programming

Josh Cochran,

10. Reintegration

Richard Lemke,

11. Evidence-based corrections

Lee Ayers,

  1. 12. Institutional violence

       Rodger Benefiel,

  1. 13.Penal history

      Ashley Rubin,