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April 26 - 27, 2013
Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel

Board Members in attendance: Bob Agnew, Joanne Belknap, Becky Block, Lisa Broidy, Shawn Bushway, Karen Heimer, Colin Loftin, Karen Parker, Travis Pratt, Nancy Rodriguez, Robert Sampson, Susan Sharp, Charles Wellford, Pam Wilcox, and Chris Eskridge (Recorder).  Visitors – Tim Brezina, Todd Clear (via Skype), Brian Payne, Volkan Topalli, Charles Wellford.

The meeting was called to order by ASC President Bob Agnew at 3:00 pm, April 26, 2013.

1 – Bob Agnew, Susan Sharp, and Tim Brezina outlined upcoming Atlanta meetings plans and progress.

2 – Charles Wellford and Todd Clear (on Skype) led a discussion regarding ASC’s policy activities. Brian Payne shared the view of the ACJS leadership on this same issue.  The Board approved the motion that ASC re-engage in lobbying efforts with ACJS.  Specifically:

  1. A National Policy Joint Oversight Committee (NPJOC) will be established, consisting of 8 to 10 individuals, half representing ASC and half representing ACJS.  At least one of the ASC representatives is to be a member of the ASC Policy Committee.
  2. The NPJOC will be responsible for lobbying and educational efforts that focus on strengthening free and independent scientific inquiry, and the support for crime and justice research.
  3. The NPJOC will operate under the direction of the ASC and ACJS Executive Boards, with major activities and goals being approved by the ASC and ACJS Boards.
  4. Up to $20,000 a year is authorized to be spent (along with up to $20,000 a year coming from ACJS) to hire a COSSA representative who will focus on crime and justice issues.  The NPJOC will work in conjunction with COSSA in the hiring process.
  5. The NPJOC will provide strategic oversight of the COSSA crime and justice staff member.  This staff member will be managed on an operational level by the COSSA Director, but will be under the general directive of the NPJOC.
  6. The NPJOC will study the possibility of developing White Papers, and will make recommendations to the ASC and ACJS Boards as to their feasibility.  If deemed feasible, the NPJOC will outline proposed mechanisms for their preparation and dissemination.
  7. The NPJOC will help establish a Council for the Support of Research and Statistics on Crime and Criminal Justice
  8. The NPJOC will help formulate and identify key issues for the Council for the Support of Research and Statistics on Crime and Criminal Justice.
  9. The NPJOC was allocated an operating budget of $5,000 a year coming from ASC funds, and if approved, an additional $5,000 a year coming from ACJS.
  10. There will be an evaluation of this effort four years after the formation of the NPJOC.

Ad Hoc Policy Review Committee report, April 2012
Policy Committee Implementation Recommendations, January 2013
COSSA report, April 2013

3 - Charles Wellford, ASC COSSA Representative, discussed threats to NSF funding.  The Board agreed to send a letter to COSSA in support of their opposition to the threatened cuts, and to send an email to ASC members urging them to oppose the threatened cuts.  Charles Wellford and Marjorie Zatz will also write an article on the NSF threats for The Criminologist.

4 - The Executive Director and Treasurer reported that the Society and the divisions are all in a solid financial position.  An external auditor reviewed our financial records for 2012, and gave us a clean bill of health.  The Board approved the following policy statement to be included in the ASC Policy Manual, as recommended by the auditor:

“The Executive Director, in conjunction with the Treasurer, may invest Society funds.   The Executive Director and Treasurer are to consult with Teron Carter of Fifth Third Bank before investing Society funds.  Society funds are to be conservatively invested in standard market stock and bond mutual funds.  Any significant shift in investment strategy requires the approval of the Finance Committee.  The status of all investments shall be reported in each budget statement and in all Society financial reports prepared for the Board.  The Executive Director and/or the Treasurer are to provide said financial reports at least twice a year - in advance of the Annual Meeting and in advance of the Mid-Year Board Meeting.”

5 – The award committee reports were reviewed, and the Board voted to approve the selection of the following award recipients:

  1. Bloch Award – Margaret Zahn
  2. Cavan Award – Christopher Wildeman
  3. Fellows – Richard Felson, Janet Lauritsen, Cassia Spohn, Chris Uggen
  4. Outstanding Article - Ronald L. Simons, Man Kit Lei, Steven R. H. Beach, Gene H. Brody, Robert A. Philibert, and Frederick X. Gibbons for the 2011 article “Social Environment, Genes, and Aggression: Evidence Supporting the Differential Susceptibility Perspective.” American Sociological Review 76: 883-912.
  5. Sellin-Glueck Award – Clifford Shearing
  6. Sutherland Award – Cathy Widom
  7. Vollmer Award – Mark Lipsey

6 – The Board approved the appointment of Wayne Osgood as the Editor of Criminology.  His term in office will expire in November of 2017.

7 – The Board discussed the general misperception that Criminology & Public Policy articles can be peer reviewed - that not all of them are invited papers. To counter this misperception, the Board suggested that the CPP editors periodically send out general “Calls for Submissions.”

8 - The Board thanked Becky Block for her work on The Criminologist, and Becky particularly noted the fine work being done by Anne Arendt in the Columbus office.  The Board discussed the inclusion of “book reviews” versus “book essays” in The Criminologist, and recommended that the Editor continue the “Thoughts about Books” section, but consider the possibility of book reviews for the future. Becky will develop a guide for the next Editor and Associate Editor. (Publications Committee report.)

9 – The Board approved the proposed list of committee members for 2013-2014, subject to minor adjustments based on potential committee member’s willingness to serve.

10 - The Board approved a budget of up to $1,000 a year for Liaison expenses, except for the United Nations Liaison who has a budget of $2,000.

11 – The Board approved the following amendment to Article 6 of the By-Laws – “The membership will be given 45 days to submit their ballots.”  The Board will re-vote on this amendment at the next Board Meeting.  Ballots will now be sent out using the ASC President’s electronic return mail address. 

12 - Volkan Topalli reported on local arrangements for the Atlanta meeting.

13 - The Board discussed  the possibility of the ASC making use of new electronic media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

14 - The Board discussed and approved in principal the creation of an Ad Hoc Long Range Planning Committee for the ASC.  Among the key charges of this committee would be assessing the tasks of the current Executive Director and developing a transition plan for continuing to accomplish those tasks in the future.  Bob Agnew will follow up via email.


The meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm on Saturday, April 27, 2013.

Chris Eskridge, Recorder