Saturday, November 10, 2001
Marriott Marquis Hotel
Atlanta, Georgia


Attending: Larry Sherman, John Braithwaite, Christy Visher, Candance Kruttschnitt, Wayne
Osgood, Cheryl Maxson, Rosemary Barbaret, Meda Chesney-Lind, Stephanie Bush-Baskette,
Todd Clear, Chris Eskridge, John Laub, Rick Rosenfeld, Bob Bursik, Lynne Goodstein, Darnell
Hawkins, Ron Huff, Doris MacKenzie

1. Meeting called to order by President Larry Sherman.

2. Executive Director’s report (Chris Eskridge)
         A.   The Board voted in favor of the By-law amendment making the editor of
                Criminology & Public Policy a member of the Board.

          B.   Site Selection- There were some concerns raised regarding the new charges of
                 discriminatory practices allegedly being engaged in by the Adams Mark Hotel
                 chain.  Some thought was given to the possibility of moving the Denver (2003)
                 and St. Louis (2008) meetings since they are scheduled to be held at Adams Mark
                 properties.  Chris Eskridge looked into the matter and found that it would be
                 prohibitively expensive for us to cancel these contracts.  He also found that the
                 general sentiment in the hotel industry is that the Adams Mark hotels will soon be
                 sold off to other entities.  The Board voted to wait to see if the Adams Mark hotel
                 is in fact sold before giving further consideration to the possibility of moving the
                 St. Louis meeting to another location.
 3. President”s report on 2002 Program (Larry Sherman)
            A. Revised call for papers.

            B. Program Committee membership.

           C.   A letter will be send to all members of the society describing the new submission
                  process for papers for the Annual Meeting.

            D.  A FAQ Sheet with answers to many of the questions that are being ask about the
                 changes in the Annual Meeting was distributed and discussed..

  4. Division Reports
           A. Corrections and Sentencing (Doris MacKenzie reporting)

           B. Critical Criminology (Meda Chesney-Lind reporting for Jeff Walker, chair).

          C.   International Criminology (Rosemary Barbaret, chair reporting) The Division
                reported that they were in favor of ASC sending members to various countries
                and international society meetings.  However, they wonder if ASC is sending the
                appropriate members.  They ask the ASC Board to require reports of meetings
                attended.  The DIC would like to publish the reports in their newsletter.

          D.  People of Color and Crime (Stephanie Bush-Baskette, Chair reporting)

          E.   Women and Crime (Mona Dan reporting).  The Division makes the following
                requests of the Board: (1) Listserve at ASC offices, (2) Division rooms during
               conferences be reinstated so members can meet informally or formally during the
               day, and (3) Division Chairs should be solicited for input on appointments to
               ASC committees.

   5.   Discussion of 2002 program and new submission guidelines.  The Divisions expressed
          concern about the new submission guidelines for ASC 2002 meeting.  They were
          concerned about the following issues:  (1) the complex structure of submission process;
          (2) the change had not taken advantage of the process ASC has developed to discuss new
          and radical changes (e.g., town meeting, etc); (3)  the procedure will be hierarchical and
          exclusionary; (4) non-mainstream perspectives, critical perspectives, new faculty
          perspectives and students may be excluded, feel excluded, or not apply for the panels (5)
          the changes could jeopardize attendance at the meeting at a critical time for the ASC and
          this could have a potentially disastrous impact on ASC's finances.
          A.   The Board accepted the following motion:  Larry Sherman will reorganize his call
                 for papers with a more traditional format and send it out to members.  ASC
                 Board, Divisional Chairs, and Ph.D. granting organization will be polled for
                 comments and approval of the description of the program submission guidelines
                 and the membership of the program committee. There will be 6 program areas,
                 each Division and each Ph.D. granting university will be asked to indicate
                 members in each of the six areas.  Guidelines for submissions will be: Panel
                 sessions, Presidential Poster sessions, roundtables, and Presidential Panel
                 Sessions.   The program committee will be responsible for forming the
                 presidential sessions and anyone can organize a presidential session and the
                 committee will not change that proposed session.  Presidential sessions will be
                 pre-formed by members, formed by the president or commissioned by the
                 program committee. Christy Visher and Larry Sherman will draft a letter to the
                 membership that will include the revised program submission guidelines.

           B.  Rules for number of appearances on the program.  The Board accepted a
                 motion that ASC will suspend the rule on limits on number of
                 appearances on the program for one year and this information will be
                 included in the call for papers to be sent to the membership accepted.

    6.   Code of Ethics.  The Board discussed the legal and financial ramifications of having a
          formal Code of Ethics.  A revised draft (fall, 2001) of the “American Society of
          Criminology Code of Ethics” was received from committee.  The Board voted to defer
          further action on this until April and ask Chris for a report on liabilities.  Move that Chris
          Eskridge notify the committee chair that we are in substantial discussion about the
          submitted code accepted.

   7.   A discussion of the role of the ASC National Policy Committee and NPC report until
          was postponed until April.

   8.   Minority mentorship committee.  The Board accepted a motion to invite Orlando to
          attend the April ASC Board meeting to discuss the Minority Mentorship Proposal.

  9.   ASC prizes and cash awards deferred until April.

10.    Sutherland Award.  The Board accepted a motion that the Sutherland Address at the
         Annual Meeting be published in Criminology.  The Board discussed requirements for the
          Sutherland Award and whether the winner is required to be a North American which is
          the language on the website. There is no language to limit the award to a North American
          and the charge to the committee must be changed.  The Board requested that Chris
          Eskridge write a letter to the award committee to inform them that they may be
          misinformed about qualifications for the Sutherland award.

 11.   Decade of Behavior.  The Board accepted a motion to leave the decision about the
          request for an ASC member to market information about the education project to the
          discretion of the Executive Director.

12.  The Board voted to accept the committee member list proposed by President Larry

13.  Financial update after 2002 meeting.  It looks as if we will have to pay the Sheraton
       $10,000-$12,000 based on lower room rentals.  We don’t know whether we will owe
       anything to the Marriot. The attendance was approximately 2,060.

 14.  The Criminology editorship changes this year.  There is no restriction on term limits for
         the editor so Bob Bursik could reapply.

 15.  The April Board meeting will be held the last weekend in April at Palmer House from
         3:00 PM April, 26 of Friday and end Sat 5:00PM.