November 14, 2000
Westin St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco

Meeting brought to order by President Roland Chilton, 3:00PM.  Attending  C. Ronald Huff, President Elect, David
Farrington, Past President, Doris MacKenzie, Executive Secretary, Chris Eskridge, Executive Director, Ruth
Peterson, Vice- President, Todd Clear, Vice-President Elect,  Robert Bursik, Jr., Editor, Criminology, and Executive
Counselors Julie Horney, Candace McCoy, Cathy Spatz Widom, Steve Messner, John Braithwaite, Cheryl Maxson.


       1. The minutes of the April 2000 Board minutes were approved.
       2.  2000 Annual Meeting.  Ira Sommers reported on the 2000 meeting.
       3.  ASC International members survey.  Bonnie Berry reported on the data analysis of the
            survey given to ASC international members.  A report will be sent to the ASC office and
            a summary of the report will be published in the Criminologist.  In general, international
            members are very happy with ASC. Approximately 16 percent of ASC are international
            members, 17% of the international members responded to survey.
        4. Site Selection.  Executive Director Chris Eskridge reported the Site Selection Committee
            considered three sites: Boston, Montreal and Baltimore.  The Board voted to ask the
            committee to begin final negotiations with Montreal as the site for the 2007 Annual
            Meeting.  After discussing the weather in Montreal, the Board suggested that the
            committee consider changing the date of the meeting to late October-Early
        5. Policy and Procedures Manual.  The Board voted to accept the changes in the Policy
            and Procedures Manual as proposed by Chris Eskridge regarding the Treasurer: Section
  , AThe Treasurer serves as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for the Society.  The
            Treasurer maintains a strategic perspective regarding Society monetary policy, and in
            conjunction with the Society administrative staff, is to report on the financial
            implications of Board initiatives.  While the detailed operational and managerial duties
            with respect to the Society=s financial matters will be handled by the administrative
            office, the Treasurer maintains executive authority over this aspect of Society activity.@
            The Board voted to request the Constitution and By-Laws Committee to
            methodically examine the Constitution and update the language with respect to the
            duties of the Treasurer and the Editor of The Criminologist so that the language is
            in line with changes voted on my the Board.
        6. COSSA.  The Board voted to have ASC become a full member of COSSA.  The Board
             voted to pay back dues to COSSA for 2000.
        7.  Associations and Affiliations with the international community. Chris Eskridge
             reported that ASC receives many requests from various countries for individuals(experts
             in some area) to visit the countries.  Frequently, ASC is asked to pay for travel.  The
             Board discussed the idea of setting aside some funds (approximately $3,000) to be used
             for an ASC person to visit countries when these requests are made. The Board voted to
             refer this proposal to International Division for their comments.
        8.  International Society of Criminology (ISC).  The Board voted to request Chris
             Eskridge to propose to the ISC that one representatives from ASC sit on the ISC
             Board as a non-voting member.  The Board also authorized Chris Eskridge to work
             with ISC officials regarding the possible development of several ASC sponsored
             sessions at the ISC meetings.
       9.  ASC Office.  The Board voted to accept the proposal by Chris Eskridge that Sarah Hall
            and Sue Beelman be given 4 percent pay raises for the year 2001.
     10.  Estate Planning.  The Board voted to authorize Chris Eskridge to put an ad in The
            Criminologist informing members about estate planning and the type of gifts
            (bequest in wills, provision in trusts, etc.) that could be given to the Society.
     11.  Educational Testing Services. Executive Director Chris Eskridge reported that The
            Educational Testing Services at Princeton is developing an exit exam for undergraduate
            criminal justice students and they are consider/discussing a GRE criminology/criminal
            justice track.
     12.  Journalist attending Annual Meeting.  The Board voted to permit Journalists/news
            reporters to attend the ASC Annual Meetings without paying the registration fees.
     13.  Law and Society Ad Hoc Committee.  The Board voted to ask the ASC President to
            make an appointment to the Law and Society Ad Hoc Committee to explore the
            possibility of setting up some kind of a consortium of interdisciplinary law-related
     14.  Oral History tapes.  The Board voted to relinquish any legal property rights that the
            Society might have over the Oral History tapes.
     15.  Discussion of ASC budget and ASC Code of Ethics were tabled until Saturday.
     16.  The Board accepted the Nominating Committee report.  The slate of nominees are:
            President-elect, Meda Chesney-Lind, John Laub, Vice-President-elect, Candace
            Kruttschnitt, Ross Matsueda, Executive Counselors, Darnell Hawkins, Daniel Nagin,
            Michael Tonry, Vernetta Young.
     17.  National Policy Committee.  Discussion on taking positions in white papers.
     18.  ASC Archives should be sent to the Columbus Office where the Society archives will be
     19.  The Board voted to accept the Committee appointments for 2000-2001.
     20.  Criminology Editorial Report (Robert Bursik, Jr.). The Board voted to accept the
            proposed budget. The approval of the Editorial Board was postponed until Saturday
            meeting due to the possibility of an additional member.  The Board voted to refer the
            consideration of Questia to the Publication Committee with a request that the
            Committee report back to Board at the Spring Board meeting.
     21.  Ruth Peterson reported on work on the Five Year Plan by the committee of the Vice
            Presidents (Current, Past and Elect).  A written report was submitted.  The committee
            identified five core areas for planning: the administrative office, Annual Meeting quality,
            Inter-organizational relations, Intra-organizational relations, and public policy presence.
     22.  Executive Director Chris Eskridge reported on the Employment Exchange.
     23.  ASC Committee/Representative Reports.  Reporting requirements for committees and
            representatives and listed on the web.  Committee Chairs should be reminded of their
     24.  New Business.
     25.  Next ASC Executive Board Meeting, November 18, 1:00.

Doris L. MacKenzie
ASC Executive Secretary