American Society of Criminolgy

Board Minutes


Summary of the Executive Meetings, Nov. 18 and 22, 1998
Washington, DC

The November 18th Executive Board Meeting was called to order by President James F. Short, Jr. Treasurer Chris Eskridge reported that the ASC is fiscally sound. The Board adopted a new benefits package for ASC employees. Ron Huff presented the site selection committee report. Based on information presented by the committee, Nashville was selected for the 2004 meeting site (future sites include: 1999 Toronto; 2000 San Francisco; 2001 Atlanta; 2002 Chicago; 2003 Denver). Charles Wellford presented the report of the ad hoc committee on the future of the ASC. There was discussion of many issues facing the future of the organization. A key issue is whether to have an Executive Director and the financial implications of such a position. Jim Short and Margaret Zahn were asked to appoint a committee to explore the issue. A report by the Ethics Committee will be further refined in the coming year by the new Ethics Committee. Bob Bursik presented the Editorial Board Report and Miriam A. DeLone submitted the Annual Report for The Criminologist. Discussed by the Board was whether there is a need for a newsletter. This issue was put on the agenda for the Saturday Board Meeting. The Editorial Board was given the authority to look into the possibility of purchasing a new printer. The Nominations Committee recommended the following slate of candidates which was approved by the Board: President-elect: Charles Tittle, Roland Chilton; Vice President Elect: Ruth Peterson, Colin Loftin; Executive Counselor-Elect: Gary LaFree, Janet Lauritsen, Steven Messner, and Cathy Widom. The Oral History Project proposal to modify the management of the project was rejected by the Board. Charles Tittle reported that Criminology had $1565.76 in surplus funds that were returned to the ASC. Debra Curran reported that the meeting had drawn 1700 preregistrations from 40 different countries. She also indicated that while the Table Sessions seemed an effective way to deal with late papers, they caused a printing delay. The finance committee was asked to consider recommendations regarding whether international members could have the option of paying airmail prices for journal and newsletter delivery.

The Board Meeting on Dec. 22nd was convened by President Margaret Zahn. James Short summarized some issues from this year’s meeting. Specifically, it was suggested that the Division on People of Color and Crime take charge of the Minority Scholarship Dance (see below). A motion that a $5000 donation from Shirley Clark go into an endowment for support of a minority student was passed. The Board was informed that a number of unexpected hotel cancellations has caused the ASC to drop below our contract quota which could increase the costs of the meeting considerably. Lastly, a motion was passed to provide additional part time support to the Columbus office (up to 20 hours/week). Margaret Zahn provided the Board with a list of final committee assignments for 1997-98 which was approved. Registration fees will be raised to $75.00 next year. Some Board members were concerned that the meetings could lose money next year. There will probably be one less reception next year and possibly a reception off-site. Wes Skogan and Marcia Chaiken clarified the two appearance rule. For future meetings (not including next year), each person can make only one presentation and one other appearance as a chair or discussant. Exclusions are plenary sessions, divisional colloquiums, student awards papers, and luncheon presentations. The two appearance rule for next year is that no one may appear as a presenter, session chair and/or discussant at more than two regular sessions (with the same set of exceptions). The Publications Committee will develop a mission statement for the Newsletter (considering costs and means) for the midwinter Board Meeting. Sarah Hall reported that the membership directory will be ready after new members are added. 500 hard copies of the directory will be printed in addition to the online version. Richard Wright wrote a letter asking that nominations for the Hindelang Book Award come from ASC members. This was moved and approved. A motion was also approved to have letters of nomination go to the Hindelang committee members. The committee will be asked to consider criteria for the award and report back to the Board. Division reports were accepted from the Division of Women and Crime; Division of Critical Criminology, Division of International Criminology, and Division on People of Color and Crime. The Constitution and By-Laws Committee will review the Women’s Division revision of its Constitution. The Minority Student Dance will involve the People of Color Division and the Affirmative Action Committee. It was moved and approved that: (1) students be allowed to submit different papers for different awards in the same year and (2) students who have won awards cannot submit a paper for another award at a second time. Tabled and passed was a motion to raise the amounts of the Gene Carte award to $500, $300, and $100.

Minutes taken by Jim Hackler (Executive Secretary Emeritus) and summarized by Sally Simpson (Executive Secretary)