Session 278: VO9 -> Social Control of White-Collar/Economic Misconduct: Context and Methodology
Time: 2:00PM to 3:30 PM on Thursday, November 18
Place: Conv Ctr 105/106
Session Chair: Bernadette Jones Palombo, Louisiana State University
"White Collar Domestic Violence": Analysis of Criminal Deviance in a Family Financial Business
by: Bernadette Jones Palombo, Louisiana State University (Corresponding)
A Randomized Experiment to Reduce Sales Tax Delinquency Among Pennsylvania Businesses: Are Threats Best?
by: Christopher Koper, University of Pennsylvania (Corresponding)
Ed Poole, University of Pennsylvania
The Effectiveness of the Operations of Economic Crime Control in Finland
by: Ahti Laitinen, University of Turku, Calonia (Corresponding)
Exploring Methodologies for Evaluating Economic Crime Control
by: Anne Alvesalo, The Police College of Finland (Corresponding)
Steve Tombs, John Moores University
The AUSTerity Project: A Pilot Evaluation of Corruption Control Strategies in Australia
by: Sharon Hayes, Queensland University of Technology (Corresponding)
Melissa Bull, Queensland University of Technology

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Updated 05/20/2006