The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20
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Varieties of Offending Track

Session Title Session IDTime
Hate Crime and the Law: Origins and Application Session 22: VO1 Wednesday at 8:00AM
Crime on the Internet Session 23: VO2 Wednesday at 8:00AM
The Nature of and Reactions to Hate Crime Session 46: VO3 Wednesday at 9:30AM
Eclectic Interests in Criminal Justice Research Session 47: VO4 Wednesday at 9:30AM
The Investigation of Issues Concerning Computer Crime Session 48: VO5 Wednesday at 9:30AM
Qualitative Approach to the Study of Street Crime Session 97: VO6 Wednesday at 2:00PM
Empirical Studies of Hate Crime Victimization Session 144: VO7 Wednesday at 5:00PM
On the Job: Prostitutes at Work Session 174: VO8 Thursday at 8:00AM
Social Control of White-Collar/Economic Misconduct: Context and Methodology Session 278: VO9 Thursday at 2:00PM
Responsibility, Trust, and Misconduct in Corporate Settings Session 300: VO10 Thursday at 3:30PM
Varieties of Offending Poster Sessions Session 324: VO11 Thursday at 5:00PM
Criminological Research: Theorizing on Financial Fraud Session 370: VO12 Friday at 9:30AM
Sex Offenders: The Interaction of Recidivism and Outcome Measures Session 399: VO13 Friday at 11:00AM
Theoretical Understanding of White-Collar and Corporate Crimes Session 475: VO14 Friday at 3:30PM
The Sexual Victimization of Children: Empirical and Legal Issues Session 517: VO15 Saturday at 8:30AM
Violent Crime in Geographic Context: Multi-Level Analyses of Areal Units Session 518: VO16 Saturday at 8:30AM
Understanding and Preventing Fraud in Organizational Settings Session 538: VO17 Saturday at 10:00AM

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