The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20
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Special Sessions Track

Session Title Session IDTime
Feminist Criminology in Theory and Action Session 2: SP1 Tuesday at 4:00PM
Academy of Experimental Criminology Session 75: SP2 Wednesday at 2:00PM
PRESIDENTIAL PLENARY: ASC Awards and Sutherland Address Session 149: SP3 Wednesday at 6:30PM
Myths About Forensic Science--A Program for Journalists and Criminologists Session 203: SP4 Thursday at 11:00AM
Social Science Research Agenda: Risk and Threat Assessment at Homeland Security and NIJ Session 204: SP5 Thursday at 11:00AM
The Outlook for Criminal Justice Policy in Washington After January 20, 2005 Session 228: SP6 Thursday at 12:30PM
NIJ Open Forum Session 256: SP7 Thursday at 2:00PM
Girls Study Group: An Update on the recent OJJDP Award top Study Delinquency in Adolescent Females Session 379: SP8 Friday at 11:00AM
PRESIDENTIAL PLENARY: Presidential Justice Award and Presidential Address Session 500: SP9 Friday at 6:30PM

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