The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20
Track Chronological Session Index
Theory and Research on Violence Track

Session Title Session IDTime
Intimate Partner Violence: Findings From the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health Session 20: RV1 Wednesday at 8:00AM
Race, Ethnicity, and Violence Session 21: RV2 Wednesday at 8:00AM
Issues Surrounding Guns and Murder Session 44: RV3 Wednesday at 9:30AM
Perspectives on Gender and Homicide Session 45: RV4 Wednesday at 9:30AM
Recent Trends in Gun Ownership Session 69: RV5 Wednesday at 11:00AM
Insights Into Gangs From a Variety of Perspectives Session 70: RV6 Wednesday at 11:00AM
Understanding Illegal Firearms Markets and Their Control: Current Research Findings Session 121: RV7 Wednesday at 3:30PM
New Results From the National Youth Gang Survey Session 122: RV8 Wednesday at 3:30PM
Guns and Violence: Empirical and Policy Issues Session 143: RV9 Wednesday at 5:00PM
Using Theory to Explain Violence Session 172: RV10 Thursday at 8:00AM
Empirically Understanding the Patterns, Causes, and Consequences of Terrorism Session 173: RV11 Thursday at 8:00AM
Terrorism Incident Preparation and Response: Current NIJ Research Session 197: RV12 Thursday at 9:30AM
Project Safe Neighborhoods: A Strategic Problem-Solving Partnership Initiative to Reduce Firearms Violence Session 225: RV13 Thursday at 11:00AM
Terrorism Post 9/11 Session 251: RV14 Thursday at 12:30PM
Risk, Terrorism, and Public Security Session 276: RV15 Thursday at 2:00PM
The Bias Against Guns: Empirical and Media Issues Session 277: RV16 Thursday at 2:00PM
Emerging Perspectives on Terrorism Session 299: RV17 Thursday at 3:30PM
Theory and Research on Violence Poster Sessions Session 323: RV18 Thursday at 5:00PM
Studies of Violence in Urban Areas Session 350: RV19 Friday at 8:00AM
Homeland Security and Terrorism Prevention Session 367: RV20 Friday at 9:30AM
Submitting a Proposal to NIJ Session 368: RV21 Friday at 9:30AM
Tales of Homicide Rates Police District, Neighborhood and City-Level Perspective Session 369: RV22 Friday at 9:30AM
Studies of Fatal and Non-Fatal Violence Session 398: RV23 Friday at 11:00AM
Methodological and Statistical Issues in Measuring Crime Rates Session 424: RV24 Friday at 12:30PM
Empirical Analyses of Homicide Rates Over Time Session 474: RV25 Friday at 3:30PM
Research on Serial Murder Session 516: RV26 Saturday at 8:30AM
Methodological and Conceptual Issues in Serial Murder Research Session 537: RV27 Saturday at 10:00AM

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