The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20
Scheduled Meetings

Meeting Title Meeting IDTime
Campbell Collaboration Steering Committee Meeting Session 1: MT1 Tuesday at 9:00AM
Division on Women and Crime Award Presentations Session 101: MT2 Wednesday at 3:30PM
Journal of Quantitative Criminology Editorial Board Meeting Breakfast Session 150: MT3 Thursday at 7:30AM
Crime and Delinquency Editorial Board Meeting and Breakfast Session 151: MT4 Thursday at 7:30AM
Division on Corrections and Sentencing Business Meeting and Award Breakfast Session 176: MT5 Thursday at 8:30AM
Division on International Criminology Business Meeting Session 200: MT6 Thursday at 11:00AM
Division on People of Color and Crime Board Meeting Session 201: MT7 Thursday at 11:00AM
United Nations Planning Meeting Session 202: MT8 Thursday at 11:00AM
CPP Editorial Board Meeting Session 227: MT9 Thursday at 12:30PM
African Criminology and Justice Association Meeting Session 253: MT10 Thursday at 2:00PM
Homicide Research Working Group Meeting Session 254: MT11 Thursday at 2:00PM
Division on International Criminology Publication Committee Meeting Session 255: MT12 Thursday at 2:00PM
Justice Studies Association Meeting Session 280: MT13 Thursday at 3:30PM
International Association for the Study of Organized Crime Meeting Session 327: MT14 Friday at 8:00AM
Caribbean Studies Group Meeting Session 351: MT15 Friday at 9:30AM
Division on People of Color and Crime General Meeting Session 352: MT16 Friday at 9:30AM
A Meeting of the International Consortium of Criminology Associations Session 377: MT17 Friday at 11:00AM
Division on Women and Crime Publication Committee Meeting Session 378: MT18 Friday at 11:00AM
ASC Minority Scholar/Mentor Committee Meeting Session 402: MT19 Friday at 12:30PM
Turkish Society of Criminology Organizational Meeting Session 427: MT20 Friday at 2:00PM
Division on Corrections and Sentencing Business Meeting and Social Session 451: MT21 Friday at 3:30PM
Turkish Colloquium Session 452: MT22 Friday at 3:30PM
American Association for Doctoral Programs in Criminology and Criminal Justice Meeting Session 453: MT23 Friday at 3:30PM
Division of Critical Criminology Business Meeting Session 478: MT24 Friday at 4:00PM
ASC Executive Board Meeting Session 541: MT25 Saturday at 1:00PM

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