The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20
Track Chronological Session Index
Juvenile Delinquency and Justice Track

Session Title Session IDTime
A Sweeping View of Juvenile Interventions Session 9: JJ1 Wednesday at 8:00AM
Juvenile Courts: Care vs. Custody Session 33: JJ2 Wednesday at 9:30AM
Juvenile Offenders Before the Court Session 60: JJ3 Wednesday at 11:00AM
Mortality and Serious Injury in Juvenile Justice Confinement: Results of the First Years of the Juvenile Residential Facility Census Session 88: JJ4 Wednesday at 2:00PM
Delinquency in Context and Over Time Session 109: JJ5 Wednesday at 3:30PM
Fear of Crime: Adolescents as Perpetrators and Victims Session 132: JJ6 Wednesday at 5:00PM
The Role of Family in Juvenile Interventions Session 161: JJ7 Thursday at 8:00AM
Strength-Based Approaches to Juvenile Justice: Funding, Assessment, and Programming Session 184: JJ8 Thursday at 9:30AM
Using Classical and Quasi-Experimental Designs in the Evaluation of Juvenile Programs Session 215: JJ9 Thursday at 11:00AM
Innovations With Juvenile Offenders Session 234: JJ10 Thursday at 12:30PM
Intervening With Juvenile Offenders: Conceptual and Empirical Issues Session 266: JJ11 Thursday at 2:00PM
Role of Aftercare: Juvenile Re-Entry Into Society Session 289: JJ12 Thursday at 3:30PM
Juvenile Delinquency and Justice Poster Sessions Session 313: JJ13 Thursday at 5:00PM
Issues in Juvenile Delinquency and Prevention Session 339: JJ14 Friday at 8:00AM
Juvenile Probation Officers: Factors Influencing Their Roles and Recommendations Session 359: JJ15 Friday at 9:30AM
Studies of Gender, Justice, and Delinquency Session 360: JJ16 Friday at 9:30AM
Trying Juveniles in Adult Courts: Empirical Evidence Session 387: JJ17 Friday at 11:00AM
Cognitive Processes, Character, and Juvenile Offenders: Conceptual and Empirical Issues Session 388: JJ18 Friday at 11:00AM
Research to Practice: Effective Program Implementation and Implementing Effective Programs Session 413: JJ19 Friday at 12:30PM
Double Jeopardy: The Interface of Youth Crime and Victimization Session 414: JJ20 Friday at 12:30PM
Negative Life Events and Delinquency: Empirical Studies Session 415: JJ21 Friday at 12:30PM
Assessing Changes in Juvenile Justice Policy Across Borders Session 435: JJ22 Friday at 2:00PM
Studies of Juvenile Delinquency Session 436: JJ23 Friday at 2:00PM
Findings From the First National Survey of Youth in Residential Placement (SYRP) Session 461: JJ24 Friday at 3:30PM
Social Relationships and Juvenile Offending Session 462: JJ25 Friday at 3:30PM
Studying Juvenile Justice Policy: New Directions Session 485: JJ26 Friday at 5:00PM
Research on Families and Delinquency: New Directions Session 486: JJ27 Friday at 5:00PM
Assessing Juvenile Justice Policy and Practice Session 507: JJ28 Saturday at 8:30AM
Taking Stock: Violence by Girls and the Pursuit of Justice Session 529: JJ29 Saturday at 10:00AM

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