The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 9:30AM on Wednesday

Wednesday at 9:30AM
Session Title Session ID
A History of New York's Death Penalty: Law and Practice Session 26: CA2
Measurement Issues in Correctional Research Session 27: CO2
The Outcome in Juvenile Justice: Factors Which Matter? Session 28: PC2
Consequences of State and Federal Criminal Justice Policies Session 29: CJ1
Communities, Strain, and Crime Session 30: CT2
Studies in White-Collar and Environmental Crimes Session 31: CC2
Historical Perspectives Into Policing and Corrections Across Nations Session 32: IC1
Juvenile Courts: Care vs. Custody Session 33: JJ2
Why Aren't There More Controlled Experiments in Criminal Justice? Session 34: MM4
Research Collaboration Skills Session 35: MM5
COMPSTAT and Police Organization Session 36: PE2
Issues in Police Organization and Management: Past and Future Direction Session 37: PE3
Advances in Ecological Theory Session 38: RC1
Critical Issues in Restorative Justice Evaluation Session 39: RR1
Net Neighborhood Crime Impacts on Collective Efficacy Precursors and Stress: Geographic, Multilevel Perspectives in Philadelphia Session 40: SI3
Factors Explaining School Behavior Session 41: SI4
Stages of Student Inquiry: Examples From Northern Arizona University Session 42: TC1
Legal Issues in Criminal Justice Session 43: CL2
Issues Surrounding Guns and Murder Session 44: RV3
Perspectives on Gender and Homicide Session 45: RV4
The Nature of and Reactions to Hate Crime Session 46: VO3
Eclectic Interests in Criminal Justice Research Session 47: VO4
The Investigation of Issues Concerning Computer Crime Session 48: VO5
Getting Inside the Concrete Womb: Methodological and Ethical Considerations When Studying Women and Violence Session 49: WC3

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