The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 10:00AM on Saturday

Saturday at 10:00AM
Session Title Session ID
Jury Decision-Making in Death Penalty Cases Session 522: CA11
Sending Probationers and Parolees to Prison: Studies of Revocation and Prevention Session 523: CO42
Court Processes: Does Racial Bias Exist? Session 524: PC13
Politics and Policy: Can Criminologists Make a Difference? Session 525: CJ17
Control, Propensity, and Forms of Abusive Behavior Session 526: CT21
Cultural Criminology Unleashed: Frames of Reference Session 527: CC24
Global Perspectives on Crime Issues Session 528: IC19
Taking Stock: Violence by Girls and the Pursuit of Justice Session 529: JJ29
Issues in the Measurement of Criminal Victimization Session 530: MM19
Police, the Community, and the Public Session 531: PE32
Gender and Policing: From Training to Work Session 532: PE33
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SESSION: Who, What, Where, and Why? Meet the Editors Session 533: PD24
New Research in Deterrence and Rational Choice Session 534: RC15
Recreate, Evaluate, Replicate: Innovative Approaches to Advancing Pedagogy in Real-World Settings Session 535: TC13
The Impact of Enforcement on Drug Markets Session 536: SA24
Methodological and Conceptual Issues in Serial Murder Research Session 537: RV27
Understanding and Preventing Fraud in Organizational Settings Session 538: VO17
The Many Consequences of Experiencing a Violent Victimization Session 539: VT19
Pornography and Sexual Violence Session 540: WC28

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