The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 5:00PM on Friday

Friday at 5:00PM
Session Title Session ID
Contemporary Issues in Correctional Policy Session 479: CO40
Private Prison Issues Session 480: CO41
Programmatic Issues Underlying Crime Prevention Session 481: CP13
Responding to Crime in Indian Country Session 482: PC11
Studies of Criminologists and the Production of Knowledge Session 483: CT19
Examining Homicide Across Nations Session 484: IC18
Studying Juvenile Justice Policy: New Directions Session 485: JJ26
Research on Families and Delinquency: New Directions Session 486: JJ27
On Your Own Without a Net: The Transition to Adulthood for Youth Involved in the Justice System Session 487: LC17
Cost-Benefit Analyses: Meeting Expectations and Addressing Needs Session 488: MM16
Spatial Regression in Criminological Research Session 489: MM17
PAST PRESIDENT'S PANEL: Doing Research Session 490: PP4
Conceptualizing About the Police Department and Their Culture Session 491: PE29
The Impact of Policing on Crime Manifest and Latent Consequences Session 492: PE30
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SESSION: Workshop on Securing Tenure and Redressing Potential Denial Session 493: PD20
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SESSION: Workshop on Teaching Race, Class, and Gender in Criminal Justice Education: Addressing Difference in the Classroom Session 494: PD21
Adaptation at the Macro and Micro Levels Session 495: RC14
Treatment Interventions With Offenders Inside and Leaving Prison Session 496: RR14
Encompassing Issues in Adolescent Drug Abuse Session 497: SA22
Robbery and Victimization Session 498: VT17
Relationship Violence: From to Dating to Death Session 499: WC25

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