The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 3:30PM on Friday

Friday at 3:30PM
Session Title Session ID
Division on Corrections and Sentencing Business Meeting and Social (Meeting) Session 451: MT21
Turkish Colloquium (Meeting) Session 452: MT22
American Association for Doctoral Programs in Criminology and Criminal Justice Meeting (Meeting) Session 453: MT23
Prison in Society Session 454: CO39
Processing of Persons of Color Session 455: PC10
Citizen and Interest Group Involvement in Criminal Justice Policy Process Session 456: CJ15
Empirical Tests of Social Learning Theory Session 457: CT17
Criminology and the Study of Social Deviance: Impoverished, Dead, or Political? Session 458: CT18
Cross-National Time Series Investigations Into the Determinants of Crime Rates Session 459: IC16
Lessons From Comparative/International Criminology Session 460: IC17
Findings From the First National Survey of Youth in Residential Placement (SYRP) Session 461: JJ24
Social Relationships and Juvenile Offending Session 462: JJ25
Risk and Intervention for Antisocial Behaviors: Using Meta-Analysis to Integrate Research Evidence Session 463: MM15
PAST PRESIDENT'S PANEL: Is Academic Criminology Irrelevant to Public Policy Session 464: PP3
The Roles Education Play for Police Officers Session 465: PE27
Improving Responses to Persons With a Mental Illness: Two Case Studies of Different Police Innovations Session 466: PE28
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SESSION: Criminal Justice/Criminology Transitions -- Classroom to Administration, Part II Session 467: PD18
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SESSION: Bridging the Gap: Research on the Police vs. Research for the Police Session 468: PD19
Places That Produce Crime: Routines, Opportunities, and Offending Session 469: RC13
Neighborhood Organization, Efficacy, and Crime: Sources and Impacts Session 470: SI22
PRESIDENTIAL PLENARY SESSION Taking Stock of Peacemaking and Shaming Theories: Empirical Status and Future Directions Session 471: TS7
Innovations in Criminal Justice Education Session 472: TC11
The Social Context and Effects of Drug Use Session 473: SA21
Empirical Analyses of Homicide Rates Over Time Session 474: RV25
Theoretical Understanding of White-Collar and Corporate Crimes Session 475: VO14
New Directions in the Study of Victimization and Violence Session 476: VT16
Issues in Victimization Against Women Session 477: WC24

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