The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 2:00PM on Friday

Friday at 2:00PM
Session Title Session ID
Turkish Society of Criminology Organizational Meeting (Meeting) Session 427: MT20
Understanding the Sources and Impact of Incarceration Session 428: CO37
Monitoring Offenders in the Community: Comparative Perspectives Session 429: CO38
Symposium: After School Programs and Delinquency Session 430: CP12
Does Racial Profiling Exist in Police-Citizen Encounters? Findings From Different Cities Session 431: PC9
Rethinking Crime and Criminological Theory Session 432: CT16
Cultural Criminology Unleashed: Inflammatory Issues in Youth and Identity Session 433: CC22
International Prisons Initiative (IPI) Project Session 434: IC15
Assessing Changes in Juvenile Justice Policy Across Borders Session 435: JJ22
Studies of Juvenile Delinquency Session 436: JJ23
Criminal Careers Research Session 437: LC15
Race, Crime, and Corrections Across the Life-Course Session 438: LC16
Continuities in the Study of the Divergence and Convergence of the NCVS and the UCR Session 439: MM14
PAST PRESIDENT'S PANEL: The Present and Future Status of Criminology Session 440: PP2
Organizational Issues in Policing: Nature and Impact Session 441: PE25
Contexts of Support for the Use of Force by Police Session 442: PE26
Research on Extensions of Rational Choice Theory Session 443: RC12
Risk Assessment and Women Offenders: Old or New Assessment Model Session 444: RR13
PRESIDENTIAL PLENARY SESSION: Taking Stock of Inequality and Collective Efficacy Theories: Empirical Status and Future Directions Session 445: TS6
The Development of the Discipline: Papers on the History of Criminology and Criminal Justice Session 446: TC10
Emerging Issues in Law and Social Control Session 447: CL20
Marijuana/Blunts in New York City: Trends, Policy, and Informal Social Control Session 448: SA19
Research on Drug Use Among Students Session 449: SA20
We've Come a Long Way, Baby...Or Have We: The Case of Women in Prison Session 450: WC23

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