The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 12:30PM on Friday

Friday at 12:30PM
Session Title Session ID
Division of People of Color and Crime Luncheon and Symposium EV41
ASC Minority Scholar/Mentor Committee Meeting (Meeting) Session 402: MT19
Models of Social Action: Involvement in Innocence and Justice Projects Session 403: CA10
Collateral Consequences of Incarceration: Micro- and Macro-Level Effects Session 404: CO32
Understanding Life in Prisons Session 405: CO33
Understanding and Preventing Prison Violence Session 406: CO34
Assessing Correctional Sanctions: Methodological and Policy Implications Session 407: CO35
Historical Studies in Corrections Session 408: CO36
Safety Issues at the Borders Session 409: CP11
Fine Arts, Comics, and Photographs: Exploring the Cultural Diversity of Criminology Session 410: CC21
What's Similar? What's Different?: Cross-National Perspectives on Policing Criminology) Session 411: IC13
Democratic Policing Across Nations Session 412: IC14
Research to Practice: Effective Program Implementation and Implementing Effective Programs Session 413: JJ19
Double Jeopardy: The Interface of Youth Crime and Victimization Session 414: JJ20
Negative Life Events and Delinquency: Empirical Studies Session 415: JJ21
Estimating and Applying Risk and Prediction Across Genders and Ethnicity Session 416: LC14
Usage of Crime Analysis and Research by Police Session 417: PE24
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SESSION: Joan McCord: A Life Course in Experimental and Theoretical Criminology Session 418: PD17
Crime and Place: Current Research in Environmental Criminology Session 419: RC11
Community, Crime, and Victimization: Issues in Social Control Session 420: SI21
A Critical Examination of Criminal Due Process Session 421: CL19
Drug Control Policy in the New Millennium: What's Working? What's Not? What Changes are Warranted? Session 422: SA17
College Students' Perceptions on Drug and Alcohol Abuse Session 423: SA18
Methodological and Statistical Issues in Measuring Crime Rates Session 424: RV24
Issues Surrounding Repeat Victimization II Session 425: VT15
Studies of Gender and Crime Session 426: WC22

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