The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 3:30PM on Thursday

Thursday at 3:30PM
Session Title Session ID
Justice Studies Association Meeting (Meeting) Session 280: MT13
Capital Punishment: Exploring Wrong Convictions Session 281: CA7
Studies in Criminal Justice: Gender and Work Conditions Session 282: CO21
Gender-Related Issues in Corrections Session 283: CO22
Prison Programming and Inmate Re-Entry Into Society Session 284: CO23
Business-Related Crime Issues Session 285: CP8
Assessing Gottfredson and Hirschi's General Theory Across National Contexts Session 286: CT11
Crime, State, and Control: Critical Perspectives Session 287: CC14
DIVISION FEATURED PANEL: Taking Stock of Criminology's Thinking Globally Session 288: DP5
Role of Aftercare: Juvenile Re-Entry Into Society Session 289: JJ12
Police and Enforcement Decisions in Context Session 290: PE16
Understanding Police Decisions and Practices Session 291: PE17
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SESSION: Surviving the Dissertation Successfully Session 292: PD12
The Effectiveness of Intervention: Results From the Campbell Crime and Justice Group Session 293: RR9
Economic Factors and Crime Session 294: SI17
Communities, Culture, and Relationships: Implications for Crime and Control Session 295: SI18
PRESIDENTIAL PLENARY SESSION: Taking Stock of Life-Course and Deterrence Theories: Empirical Status and Future Directions Session 296: TS4
Drug Court Cost-Benefit Research and the Translation of Cost Results Into Policy Session 297: SA12
Sex, Drugs, and HIV: Inmate Risk Behaviors Pror to Incarceration Session 298: SA13
Emerging Perspectives on Terrorism Session 299: RV17
Responsibility, Trust, and Misconduct in Corporate Settings Session 300: VO10
Fear of Crime and Punitiveness Session 301: VT9
Gender, Age, and Victimization Session 302: VT10
Gender, Crime, and Victimization: Issues in the Social Control of Women Session 303: WC14
Women, Violence, and the Media I Session 304: WC15

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