The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 2:00PM on Thursday

Thursday at 2:00PM
Session Title Session ID
African Criminology and Justice Association Meeting (Meeting) Session 253: MT10
Homicide Research Working Group Meeting (Meeting) Session 254: MT11
Division on International Criminology Publication Committee Meeting (Meeting) Session 255: MT12
NIJ Open Forum Session 256: SP7
AUTHOR-MEETS-CRITICS: Mafia Brotherhoods: Organized Crime, Italian Style (Oxford, 2003) Session 257: AM4
Mental Health Issues in Corrections Session 258: CO18
Re-Entry, Work, Money, and Recidivism Session 259: CO19
Parole Revocation: Origins, Extent, and Costs Session 260: CO20
Community Collaborative and System Reform: Findings From Safe Kids/Safe Streets Demonstration Program Session 261: CP7
Convict Criminology Perspective II Session 262: CC12
The United States of America Post War: Issues Surrounding 9/11 Session 263: CC13
DIVISION FEATURED PANEL: Past, Present and Future: The Study of Gender and Crime Session 264: DP4
Crime, Victimization, and the State: Comparative Studies Session 265: IC9
Intervening With Juvenile Offenders: Conceptual and Empirical Issues Session 266: JJ11
Findings From Inside the Organizational Structure of the Police Session 267: PE15
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SESSION: Publishing Issues for the Developing Scholar Session 268: PD10
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SESSION: Juggling Research, Teaching, and Service: The 40/40/20 Split in the Real World Session 269: PD11
Studies in Offender Decision-Making Session 270: RC7
Exploring the Relationship Between Disadvantage, Arrest Rates, and Crime Rates Session 271: SI16
Preparing Future Faculty: Lessons Learned by a Cohort of First-Year Teaching Associates Session 272: TC7
New Issues Facing Roles of Juries Session 273: CL12
Beyond Adjudication: Problem Solving, Restoring, and...? Part II Session 274: CL13
Rigorous Evaluations of Drug Courts Session 275: SA11
Risk, Terrorism, and Public Security Session 276: RV15
The Bias Against Guns: Empirical and Media Issues Session 277: RV16
Social Control of White-Collar/Economic Misconduct: Context and Methodology Session 278: VO9
Testing Theories of Student Victimization in American Schools Session 279: VT8

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