The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 5:00PM on Wednesday

Wednesday at 5:00PM
Session Title Session ID
Aging Prisoners in the Criminal Justice System: An international and National Perspective Session 125: CO11
Watch Your Wallet: Issues Underlying Credit Card Fraud Session 126: CP3
The Interconnections Between Criminology and Public Policy in Africa Session 127: CJ7
Strain and Offending: Tests of General Strain Theory Session 128: CT5
Peacemaking Criminology Session 129: CC6
DIVISION FEATURED PANEL: Improving the Evaluation of Criminal Justice Programs Session 130: DP3
Social Control and Indigenous Justice in Nigeria Session 131: IC4
Fear of Crime: Adolescents as Perpetrators and Victims Session 132: JJ6
Causal Analysis in a Developmental Context Session 133: LC5
Lessons Learned From Designing, Implementing, and Managing a National Multi-Site Research Project Session 134: MM7
Calling the Police: Toward a Better Understanding of Why and When Session 135: PE7
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SESSION: Workshop for Women on Negotiating Strategies at Work Session 136: PD6
Understanding Why and When Restorative Justice Works Session 137: RR5
School Is In Session: Addressing Discipline and Crime Session 138: SI10
Incorporating Research Into Undergraduate Curricula Session 139: TC2
"Criminals" in the Classroom: Morals Clause or Mind-Your-Own-Business? Session 140: TC3
Factors Affecting Sentencing and Case Processing Outcomes Session 141: CL7
Mandatory Drug Testing and Techniques to Detect Illegal Drugs Session 142: SA3
Guns and Violence: Empirical and Policy Issues Session 143: RV9
Empirical Studies of Hate Crime Victimization Session 144: VO7
Protecting the Victim: The Effectiveness of Resistance, Defense Strategies and Restraining Orders Session 145: VT4
Getting the Help That Victims, Their Parents, and Families Need Session 146: VT5
Recent Findings Concerning Women and Gender From the Project on Human Development in Chicago Neighborhoods Session 147: WC9
The Effectiveness of Electronic Monitoring and Protection Orders Session 148: WC10

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