The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 2:00PM on Wednesday

Wednesday at 2:00PM
Session Title Session ID
Academy of Experimental Criminology Session 75: SP2
AUTHOR-MEETS-CRITICS: Guns, Violence, and Identity Among African American and Latino Youth (Scholarly, 2003) Session 76: AM1
The Future of Capital Punishment in the United States Session 77: CA4
Testing the Importation and Prisonization Models: Understanding the Effects of Prison Session 78: CO5
Opportunities for Inmate Improvement Within Prison Settings: Experiences and Effects Session 79: CO6
Community Supervision and Post-Release Recidivism Outcomes Session 80: CO7
Courtroom Processes: What Matters? Session 81: PC5
Black Female Criminologist and the Tough Issues of Black Male Violence and Criminality Session 82: PC6
Media Coverage of Crime: Framing Impressions and Issues Session 83: CJ4
The Impact of Criminal Justice Policies on Minorities Session 84: CJ5
Crime and Power Corporate Violence Session 85: CC4
Convict Criminology Perspective I Session 86: CC5
The Many Facets of the Religion and Crime Relationship Session 87: IC2
Mortality and Serious Injury in Juvenile Justice Confinement: Results of the First Years of the Juvenile Residential Facility Census Session 88: JJ4
Empirical Studies in Life-Course Criminology Session 89: LC3
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SESSION: Being a Feminist in the Academy -- Coping With Sexual Harassment and Hostile Work Environment Issues (Sponsored by the 20th Anniversary Committee on the Division on Women and Crime) Session 90: PD4
Restorative Justice by Any Other Name Session 91: RR3
Labels and Identity: Producers or Inhibitors of Crime, Terror, and Incarceration Session 92: SI7
School Crime and Safety: Research and Policies Session 93: SI8
PRESIDENTIAL PLENARY SESSION: Taking Stock of Strain and Anomie Theories: Empirical Status and Future Directions Session 94: TS1
Beyond Adjudication: Problem Solving, Restoring, and ...? Part I Session 95: CL4
Drugs and Crime: Policy Issues and Implications Session 96: SA1
Qualitative Approach to the Study of Street Crime Session 97: VO6
In Their Own Words: Insights Into the Experiences of Victims Session 98: VT2
Issues Related to Drug-Abusing Women Across Criminal Justice Settings Session 99: WC6
Gender, Victim Advocacy, and Support Session 100: WC7

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