The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Session Index for the Letter U

Session Title Session IDTime
Understanding and Preventing Drug Abuse Session 120: SA2 Wednesday at 3:30PM
Understanding and Preventing Fraud in Organizational Settings Session 538: VO17 Saturday at 10:00AM
Understanding and Preventing Prison Violence Session 406: CO34 Friday at 12:30PM
Understanding Illegal Firearms Markets and Their Control: Current Research Findings Session 121: RV7 Wednesday at 3:30PM
Understanding Life in Prisons Session 405: CO33 Friday at 12:30PM
Understanding Police Decisions and Practices Session 291: PE17 Thursday at 3:30PM
Understanding Policy and Punitiveness Across Contexts Session 178: CJ9 Thursday at 9:30AM
Understanding the Sources and Impact of Incarceration Session 428: CO37 Friday at 2:00PM
Understanding Why and When Restorative Justice Works Session 137: RR5 Wednesday at 5:00PM
The United States of America Post War: Issues Surrounding 9/11 Session 263: CC13 Thursday at 2:00PM
Updates From Three Evaluations of Reentry Programs Session 153: CO12 Thursday at 8:00AM
Usage of Crime Analysis and Research by Police Session 417: PE24 Friday at 12:30PM
The Use and Impact of Methamphetamine Session 196: SA7 Thursday at 9:30AM
Using Classical and Quasi-Experimental Designs in the Evaluation of Juvenile Programs Session 215: JJ9 Thursday at 11:00AM
Using Restorative Principles to Foster Offender Re-Entry and Reintegration Session 331: CO27 Friday at 8:00AM
Using Theory to Explain Violence Session 172: RV10 Thursday at 8:00AM

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