Session 293: RR9 -> The Effectiveness of Intervention: Results From the Campbell Crime and Justice Group
Time: 3:30PM to 5:00 PM on Thursday, November 18
Place: Conv Ctr 210
Session Chair: Anthony Petrosino, Campbell Crime & Justice Group
An Overview of 300 Randomized Field Trials in Crime Reduction
by: Anthony Petrosino, Campbell Crime & Justice Group (Corresponding)
Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment for Offenders
by: Nana A. Landenberger, Vanderbilt Inst. for Pub. Policy Studies (Corresponding)
Mark W. Lipsey, Vanderbilt Inst.for Public Policy Studies
Do Court-Mandated Domestic Violence Programs Work? A Systematic Review of Rigorous Research on the Effectiveness of Courts Mandating Treatment
by: David B. Wilson, George Mason University (Corresponding)
Lynette Feder, Portland State University
Sex OffenderTreatment: A Systematic Review of Outcome Evaluations
by: Friedrich Loesel, University of Erlangen - Nuremberg (Corresponding)
Martin Schmucker, University of Erlangen - Nuremburg

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Updated 05/20/2006