Session 362: PE21 -> Driving Behavior and Traffic Stops: Implications for Racial Profiling
Time: 9:30AM to 11:00 AM on Friday, November 19
Place: Conv Ctr 102
Session Chair: Robin S. Engel, University of Cincinnati
Examining Differences in Speeding Behavior: Results From a Statewide Roadway Observation Study
by: Robin S. Engel, University of Cincinnati (Corresponding)
Jennifer M. Calnon, Pennsylvania State University
Modeling Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Traffic Stops: A Macro-Level Approach
by: Rob B. Tillyer, University of Cincinnati (Corresponding)
Robin S. Engel, University of Cincinnati
Patterns of Questioning of Persons Stopped for Suspected Traffic Violations: A Study of Possible Racial/Ethnic Profiling
by: Dawn Irlbeck, University of Nebraska at Omaha (Corresponding)
Age, Gender and Race Effects on Traffic Stop Citations in Washington State
by: Clayton Mosher, Washington State University, Vancouver (Corresponding)
Mitch Pickerill, Washington State University Vancouver
Nicholas P. Lovrich, Washington State University
Travis C. Pratt, Washington State University
Michael J. Gaffney, Washington State University

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Updated 05/20/2006