The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Participant Index for the Letter M
Maass, Jessica, University of Northern Iowa
MacDonald, John M., University of Florida
Mack, Kristin, University of Northern Iowa
MacKenzie, Doris Layton, University of Maryland at College Park
Mackey, Melissa M., NYS Div. of C.J. Services/Univ. at Albany
Mackey, See'Trail, The University of Memphis
Mackin, Juliette R., NPC Research
Mackinem, Mitchell B., Fifth Circuit Solicitor's Office
MacMillan, Ross, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Maddan, Sean, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Madensen, Tamara D., University of Cincinnati
Madrigal, Deborah M., Northern Arizona University
Maggard, Scott R., University of Florida
Maguire, Brendan, Western Illinois University
Maier, Shana, DeSales University
Mair, George, Liverpool John Moores University
Makarios, Matthew, Washington State University - Spokane
Malcoe, Lorraine Halinka, University of New Mexico
Mallicoat, Stacy L., California State University, Fullerton
Malm, Aili, University College of the Fraser Valley
Maltz, Michael D., University of Illinois at Chicago
Manasse, Michelle, Emory University
Manning, Peter K., Northeastern University
Manning, Wendy D., Bowling Green State University
Manos, Sevaste Chatzifotiou, Technological Educational Inst. of Crete
Mansley, Elizabeth, University of Delaware
Manzanarez, Magdaleno, Western New Mexico University
Mares, Dennis M., University of Missouri - St. Louis
Margaryan, Satenik, Rutgers University
Marquart, James W., Sam Houston State University
Mars, Joan, University of Michigan, Flint
Marsh, Kelly, University at Albany
Marshall, Ineke Haen, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Marshall, Jr., Isiah, Howard University
Martin, Brian D., Ohio Dept. of Rehabilitation & Correction
Martin, Steven S., University of Delaware
Martin, Susan E., Natl Institute on Drug Abuse
Martin-Harmon, Sheila, University of the District of Columbia
Martinez, Jr., Ramiro, Florida International University
Martz, Ryan B., Michigan State University
Maruna, Shadd, University of Cambridge
Maschi, Tina, Rutgers University - New Brunswick
Mashek, Debra, George Mason University
Mason, Gail, University of Sydney
Mason, W. Alex, University of Washington
Massoglia, Michael, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Mastrocinque, Jeanna, University at Albany
Mastrofski, Stephen D., George Mason University
Mateyoke-Scrivner, Allison, University of Kentucky
Mathias, Amanda, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Matsueda, Ross L., University of Washington - Seattle
Matthews, Kent, Cardiff University
Matthews, Roger, Middlesex University
Mattingly, Marybeth, University of Maryland at College Park
Mauer, Marc, The Sentencing Project
Maume, Michael O., Univ. of North Carolina at Wilmington
Mauser, Gary A., Simon Fraser University
Maxson, Cheryl L., University of California, Irvine
Maxwell, Christopher D., ICPSAR/NACJD
Maxwell, Sheila Royo, Michigan State University
May, Chris, Home Office, London
May, David C., Eastern Kentucky University
Mays, G. Larry, New Mexico State University
Mazerolle, Paul, Crime and Misconduct Commission
Mazzuchi, Thomas, Randolph Macon College
McBride, Duane C., Andrews University
McCabe, Sean Esteban, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
McCafferty, Michael, Calumet College of St. Joseph
McCaleb, K. Jim, Calumet College of St. Joseph
McCall, Patricia L., North Carolina State University
McCarthy, Bill, University of California, Davis
McCauley, Clark, University of Pennsylvania
McClanahan, Wendy S., Public/Private Ventures
McClelland, Gary M., Northwestern University Medical School
McClelland, Scott Taylor, Indiana University
McCloskey, Laura, Harvard School of Public Health
McCluskey, John D., Michigan State University
McCold, Paul, Interntl Inst. for Restorative Practices
McConnell, Patrick, Temple University
McCorkle, Richard C., University of Nevada - Las Vegas
McCoy, Candace C., Rutgers University
McCurley, Carl, National Center for Juvenile Justice
McDermott, M. Joan, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
McDevitt, Jack, Northeastern University
McDonald, Bill, Georgetown University
McDonald, Danielle, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
McDonald, Hope Smiley, University of Kentucky
McDonald, Judith A., Westfield State College
McDonald, Shelby, Virginia Polytechnic Inst. & State Univ.
McDowall, David, University at Albany
McEvoy, Kieran, The Queen's University of Belfast
McEwen, J. Thomas, Institute for Law and Justice
McGarrell, Edmund F., Michigan State University
McGee, Zina T., Hampton University
McGill, William, Medical College of Wisconsin
McGloin, Jean M., University of Maryland at College Park
McGrain, Patrick, DeSales University
McGuire, M. Dyan, St. Louis University
McGuire, M.R., London Metropolitan University
McGurrin, Danielle, Stonehill College
McHale, John, Illinois State University
McIllwain, Jeffrey, San Diego State University
McIntosh, Kenethia L., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
McIntyre, Geoffrey L., Troy State University - Montgomery
McKay, Marian A., Indiana University - Southeast
McKean, Jerome B., Ball State University
McKelvy, Katie, McKendree College
McKendrick, Karen, N. D. R. I., Inc.
McKenna, Charlie, Lancashire Youth & Community Services
McLean, Sarah J., Policy Research Associates
McLellan, A.Thomas, Treatment Research Institute
McMullan, John L., St. Mary's University, Halifax
McNulty, Thomas L., University of Georgia
McQuade, Sam, Rochester Institute of Technology
McRee, Nick, The University of Portland
Mears, Daniel P., The Urban Institute
Measham, Fiona, Cartmel College, Lancaster University
Mebert, Carolyn J., University of New Hampshire
Meeker, James W., University of California, Irvine
Meeks, Daryl, National University
Meier, Robert F., University of Nebraska at Omaha
Meissner, Christian A., Florida International University
Meldrum, George, Delaware Council on Gambling Problems,Inc
Mele, Marie, LaSalle University
Melnick, Gerald, N. D. R. I., Inc.
Meloy, Michelle L., Rutgers University - Camden
Melton, Heather C., University of Utah
Menard, Kim, San Jose State University
Mencken, F. Carson, Baylor University
Meneses, Rohald A., University of Florida
Menning, Chadwick, Ball State University
Mentor, Ken, New Mexico State University
Meredith, Tammy, Applied Research Services, Inc.
Mericle, J. Gayle, Western Illinois University
Merlo, Alida V., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Messing, Jill, University of California, Berkeley
Messner, Steven F., University at Albany
Metzger, Renay, University of Tennessee - Chattanooga
Meyer, Glenn E., Trinity University
Meyer, Jon'a, Rutgers University - Camden
Meyers, Catherine, Brigham Young University
Miceski, Elena, Crime and Misconduct Commission
Michalowski, Raymond J., Northern Arizona University
Mieczkowski, Thomas, University of South Florida
Miethe, Terance D., University of Nevada - Las Vegas
Mihorean, Karen, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics
Millar, Paul, University of Calgary
Miller, J. Mitchell, University of South Carolina
Miller, Jerome, National Center on Inst Alternatives
Miller, Jody, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Miller, Joel, The Vera Institute of Justice
Miller, Laura, RAND
Miller, Lisa L., Rutgers University
Miller, Michelle Hughes, Southern Illinois Univ. at Carbondale
Miller, Susan L., University of Delaware
Minor, Kevin I., Eastern Kentucky University
Mitchell, Damon, Central Connecticut State University
Mitchell, Fawn Ngo, University of Maryland at College Park
Mitchell, Julie Anne, Northern Arizona University
Mitchell, Shari, Penn State University, Wilkes-Barre
Moawad, Greg, Multnomah Co. District Attorney's Office
Mobley, Alan, Visions for Prisons
Mock, Lois Felson, National Institute of Justice
Modecki, Kathy, University of New Hampshire
Moe, Angela M., Western Michigan University
Molnar, Beth E., Harvard School of Public Health
Monroe, Jeffrey D., Xavier University
Montalvo, Alfredo, Emporia State University
Moon, Byongook, Univerity of Alaska Fairbanks
Moon, Melissa M., Northern Kentucky University
Mooney, Jennifer, University of Kentucky
Moore, Kristan, University of Dayton
Moore, Rebecca K., State of Oklahoma
Moore, Robert, Delta State University
Moore, William Howard, University of Wyoming
Moore-Parmley, Angela, National Institute of Justice
Morabito, Melissa Schaefer, The American University
Moran, Nathan R., Midwestern State University
Morash, Merry, Michigan State University
Morenoff, Jeffrey, University of Michigan
Morey, Janis, Texas Christian University
Morgan, Natasha W., Emory University
Morizot, Julien, University of California Los Angeles
Morn, Frank, Illinois State University
Morris, Nancy, University of Maryland at College Park
Morris, William Travis, Eastern Kentucky University
Morrison, Gregory B., Ball State University
Morselli, Carlo, Universite de Montreal
Mosher, Clayton, Washington State University, Vancouver
Mowrey, Jim, University of California, Irvine
Muccino, Lori A., The Ohio State University
Mueller, David, Boise State University
Muftic, Lisa R., North Dakota State University
Mukoro, Saliba, Mississippi Valley State University
Mullendore, Kristine, Grand Valley State University
Muller, Damon, University of Melbourne
Mullings, Janet L., Sam Houston State University
Mullins, Christopher W., University of Northern Iowa
Mulvey, Edward P., University of Pittsburgh
Muni, Michele-Lynne, Rutgers University
Munoz, Ed A., University of Wyoming
Munsterman, Janice T., National Institute of Justice
Muraskin, Roslyn, Long Island University - C.W. Post
Murphy, Daniel S., Appalachian State University
Murray, Joseph, University of Cambridge
Murray, Kimberly, Aboriginal legal Services of Toronto
Muth, Stephen Q., Quintus - ential Solutions
Muzzatti, Stephen L., Ryerson University
Myamba, Flora, Western Michigan University
Myers, Carrie Anne, London School of Economics
Myers, Laura B., Prairie View A&M University
Myrstol, Brad A., University of Alaska Anchorage

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