The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Participant Index for the Letter F
Fabio, Anthony, University of Pittsburgh
Fader, Jamie J., University of Pennsylvania
Fagan, Abigail A., University of Washington
Fagen, Danielle, Ohio University
Faggiani, Donald, Police Executive Research Forum
Fahres, Lisa, University of California - Riverside
Falco, Diana L., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Falcone, David N., Illinois State University
Fallik, Beverlie, SAMHSA/CSAP
Farabee, David, UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs
Farah, Martha, University of Pennsylvania
Farley, Erin J., University of Delaware
Farnan, James E., Federal Bureau of Investigation
Farney, Lori, Middle Tennessee State University
Farole, Jr., Donald J., Center for Court Innovation
Farrell, Amy, Northeastern University
Farrell, Jill, University of Maryland at College Park
Farrell, William J., Indiana University - Southeast
Farrington, David P., University of Cambridge
Fause, Katherine, University of California, Irvine
Faust, Kimberly, Fitchburg State College
Fearn, Noelle, Washington State University
Featherstone, Richard, University of Northern Iowa
Fecteau, Joshua, Stonehill College
Feder, Lynette, Portland State University
Feeley, Malcolm M., University of California - Berkeley
Feinberg, Seth L., Montana State University
Feld, Barry C., University of Minnesota Law School
Feldman, Marci, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Feldmeyer, Ben H., The Pennsylvania State University
Felson, Marcus K., Rutgers University
Felson, Richard B., The Pennsylvania State University
Ferdinand, Theodore N., Southern Illinois Univ. at Carbondale
Ferguson, Andrew, Federal Correctional Institution
Ferguson, Florence S., University of West Georgia
Ferree, Caroline W., University of Baltimore
Ferrell, Jeff, Texas Christian University
Feucht, Thomas E., National Institute of Justice
Field, Carolyn, Elizabethtown College
Fields, Mia, University of Northern Iowa
Filipas, Henrietta H., University of Illinois at Chicago
Finckenauer, James O., Rutgers University
Finigan, Michael, Northwest Professional Consortium, Inc.
Finley, Laura L., University of Northern Colorado
Finley, Peter S., University of Northern Colorado
Fischer, Justina A.V., SIAW - HSG University of St. Gallen
Fischer, Michael, Norfolk State University
Fischer, Ryan G., University of California, Irvine
Fishbein, Diana, RTI International
Fisher, Bill, Univ. of Massachusetts Medical School
Fisher, Bonnie S., University of Cincinnati
Fisher, Christopher, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Fisher, Gary L., University of Nevada - Reno
Fisher, Gerald P., Georgia College and State University
Fisher-Giorlando, Marianne, Grambling State University
Fishman, Laura T., University of Vermont
Fisk, Nate, Rochester Institute of Technology
Flavin, Jeanne, Fordham University
Fleming, Jenny, Australian National University
Fletcher, Jesse, California State University at Northridge
Flewelling, Bob, Pacific Institute - Research & Evaluation
Flood, Sarah, University of Minnesota
Flynn, Patrick, Texas Christian University
Fogel, Sondra J., University of South Florida
Fogg, Heather, University of Maryland at College Park
Foglia, Wanda, Rowan University
Fontaine, Nathalie, Universite de Montreal
Fontdevila, Jorge, University of California, San Francisco
Ford, Jason A., University of Central Florida
Ford, Sabrina, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Forde, David R., University of Memphis
Forge, Nell Griffith, RAND
Forkner, Peter, George Mason University
Fornango, Robert J., University of Missouri - St. Louis
Forrest, Walter, Florida State University
Forst, Brian, The American University
Fortson, Edward, Washington State University
Foster, Holly, Texas A & M University
Foster, J. Price, University of Louisville
Fox, Aubrey, Center for Court Innovation
Fox, James Alan, Northeastern University
Fox, Kristan, University of Northern Iowa
Fox-Kralstein, Dana, Center for Court Innovation
Frakes, Kelli, Eastern Kentucky University
Frank, James, University of Cincinnati
Franke, Derrick, University of Maryland at College Park
Franklin, Courtney A., Washington State University
Franklin, Travis W., Washington State University
Fratello, Jennifer, Temple University
Frazier, Charles E., University of Florida
Frederique, Nadine, University of Maryland at College Park
Freeman, Charles E., University of Delaware
Freeman, Naomi J., NYS DCJS
Freeman-Gallant, Adrienne, University at Albany
Freilich, Joshua D., John Jay College of Criminal Justice
French, Laurence Armand, University of New Hampshire
Freng, Adrienne B., University of Wyoming
Frenzel, Erika Davis, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Frey, Connie D., Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville
Fridell, Lorie A., Police Executive Research Forum
Friedmann, Peter, Rhode Island Hospital
Friedrichs, David O., University of Scranton
Frost, Natasha A., SUNY College at Old Westbury
Fukushima, Mayumi, The Vera Institute of Justice
Fuller, Allison S., University at Albany
Fuller, John Randolph, State University of West Georgia
Funderburk, Brent, Ohio University
Furst, Gennifer, CUNY Graduate Center
Furukawa, Emi, George Mason University

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