The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter W

Paper Title Session ID
Waiver of Counsel Among Young Offenders: Variability Between the Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems Session 60: JJ3
The War on Corporate and Industrial Espionage: Managing Security in a Global Economy Session 231: CP5
The War on Terrorism, the Bush Administration and the Courts Session 513: CL21
Was It Really All a Waste of Time? The Measurement of Low Self-Control and Its Association with Deviance {Poster Location 36} Session 310: CT12
We Never Call the Cops and Here's Why: A Qualitative Examination of Legal Cynicism and Informal Social Control in Three Philadelphia Neighborhoods Session 135: PE7
Weapon Carrying to School: Reports From Sixth Graders and Their Teachers Session 44: RV3
Weapon Instrumentality and the Lethality of Violent Encounters Session 143: RV9
Weapons, Violence, and Youth: A Study of Weapon-Related Victimization Among Urban High School Students Session 175: VT6
Web-Based Scholarship in Criminal Justice Session 347: TC9
Weed, Classes, and the Fuzz: A Cross-cultural Comparison of College Student Perceptions of Marijuana Drug Laws Session 423: SA18
Welfare and Imprisonment in Comparative Perspective Session 108: IC3
Welfare, Economic Marginalization, and the Gender Gap in Violence: An Analysis of State and City Effects Session 518: VO16
What About Women? The Representation of Women in Media, Crime, and Violence Textbooks Session 199: WC11
What Can Europeans Learn From American Criminology? The Powers and Liabilities of Policy Transfer in Crime Control Session 178: CJ9
What Causes Control Balance Ratios?: The Impact of Individual and Organizational Elements Session 334: CT14
What DNA Hath and Hath Not Wrought Session 213: CC10
What is "Restorativeness" in Restorative Justice and How Do We Know it When We See It? Session 189: RR7
What is Divergence and What Do We Know About It? Session 439: MM14
What is PIE and What is its Re-Entry Potential? Session 259: CO19
What Makes a Proposal Stand Out? Session 192: TC5
What Police Officials Think About the Causes and Extent of Wrongful Conviction Session 112: PE5
What We Can Learn About Drug Enforcement and Drug Dealers From the Inmate Surveys? Session 536: SA24
What Works for Violence Does Not Work for Property Crimes: Why? Session 181: CT9
What Works in Corrections Session 208: CO14
"What Works" Versus "Broken Windows": Much Ado About Nothing Session 330: CO26
What You Should Know the First Few Years Session 493: PD20
What's Health Got To Do With It?: Teasing Out the Relationship Between Health and Recidivism Session 51: CO3
Where Are All the White Kids?: An Analysis of the Effects of Race in Juvenile Court Session 524: PC13
Where is the Conflict? The Collaboration and Co-existence of Street People During the 2004 Super Bowl Session 420: SI21
Where To, Next? Session 460: IC17
Where We're Headed: Predictions on the Future of Feminist Criminology and the Impact of the Division on Women and Crime Session 264: DP4
Which Context? Conditional Impacts of Neighbourhoods, Schools and Spatial Friendship Patterns on Serious Juvenile Offending Session 346: SI20
"White Collar Domestic Violence": Analysis of Criminal Deviance in a Family Financial Business Session 278: VO9
White Washing White-Collar Crime?: The Role of Fraud in Major Financial Debacles Session 475: VO14
Whither the Code of the Street? Contrary Evidence From a Comparative Neighborhood Study of Youth, Violence and Social Control in Philadelphia Session 295: SI18
Who Are We?: What C.S.I. Teaches Us About Criminology Session 57: CJ3
Who Belongs Where: Sense of Belonging, Crime, and Community Characteristics Session 40: SI3
Who Benefits From Wage Earnings of Inmates Working in the Prison Industry Enhancement (PIE) Program? Session 259: CO19
Who is Stealing Your Money? -- A Cross-National Examination of an ATM Skimming Crime Session 355: CP10
Who's Keeping Tension on the Chain of Violence? Session 398: RV23
Who, What, Where, and Why: Meet the Editors Session 533: PD24
Why Bother Connecticut? The State of Connecticut's Experience With Capital Punishment Session 152: CA5
Why Do New Professions and Multivocational Networks Need Ethics? A Case of the Non-Consensual Medical Sedation of an Asylum Seeking Family {Poster Location 90} Session 316: PE18
Why Restorative Justice Works (?) Building and Testing Intervention Theories Session 137: RR5
"Why Should we Learn About Crime?" Exploring Perceptions and Fear of Crime Among Recent Immigrants in Waterloo Region {Poster Location 110} Session 319: SI19
Widely Accepted, Widely Adopted: Institutional Isomorphism and Community Policing Session 37: PE3
Will Words Ever Harm Me? Escalation From Verbal to Physical Abuse in 6th Grade Classrooms {Poster Location 161} Session 325: VT11
Witness, Victim, Student: Routines of Violence in American Schools Session 279: VT8
Women and Crime in Context: Examining the Linkages Between Structural Conditions and Female Offending Within the Context of Place Session 426: WC22
Women at Risk of Intimate Partner Violence Session 499: WC25
Women of Color and HIV/AIDS: The Socio-Legal Impact of Their Re-Entry Session 438: LC16
Women of Color in Criminal Justice/Criminology Transitions: Classroom to Administration Session 16: PD2
Women of Color in Criminal Justice/Criminology Transitions: Classroom to Administration Session 467: PD18
Women Victims of Crime in Bangladesh: The Media Account Session 24: WC1
Working to Diminish Violence Against Women: Organized Responses of Men Session 100: WC7
Working With the National Incident-Based Reporting System: Developing a Typology of Aggravated Assaults Session 105: CJ6
Working With Vulnerable Young People -- Keeping It in the Family Session 189: RR7
Workshop on Using Blackboard 6.1 in the Classroom Session 392: PD15
The World Wide Wrestling: From Tough Guys to Pin Up Girls Session 304: WC15
Wrongful Conviction: Evidence From Oklahoma's DNA Exonerations Session 281: CA7
Wrongful Felony Convictions in the United States Session 281: CA7

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